Dress Code 

The 2021-22 dress code is currently under review, to be completed by June 15th. We recommend waiting to purchase items until the finalized dress code is published. 

Purchasing Information for Boys School official, crested, red ANC sweater

Sweaters are available through our storefront with Lands' End at: https://business.landsend.com/store/ancss/

To order: Hover over or click the words BOYS SCHOOL located above the central picture. In the resulting pop-up window, click on “Sweaters” which will take you to another page. Simply click on the picture of the red sweater which will take you to the actual order page. Select your size and quantity and “add to bag.” The crest will be added automatically once you make your size selection and put the item in your bag for checkout.

Purchasing Information for Girls School Clothing

Crested fleece are available from Flynn & O’Hara and ANC, and the black (only) is also available from Lands’ End.
Cords are available from Lands’ End only.
Skirts and Kilts are available only from Flynn & O'Hara Uniforms.
NOTE: what we call “black plaid” they refer to as “red plaid”, but they are the same piece.

The following items may be purchased from ANC School Store, located on the second floor of Benade Hall: socks, tights, kilt pins, ANC fleeces, ANC polo shirts, Letter-style sweater, ANC ½-zip sweatshirt, ANC hooded and crew neck lettered sweatshirts, black spandex shorts.

Flynn & O'Hara School Uniforms* (6 miles from Bryn Athyn)
10905 Dutton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154 Phone: 800-441-4122 | Fax: 215-637-6392
*monogrammed items are not kept in stock, so it may take a few days for pieces to be ready for pick up.

Lands’ End - may order by phone or online