students marching in procession

School Traditions

ANC has many traditions that are unique to our school–traditions that alumni will recognize from their days as a student and are still an important part of our school culture and life today. We welcome our new students to get to know and participate in these activities.

Charter Day

Charter Day is ANC’s annual homecoming weekend, held in October each year to celebrate the signing of the Charter for the Academy of the New Church in 1877.

Traditional festivities include the student procession from Benade Hall to the worship service in the Bryn Athyn Cathedral, home athletic contests for all fall sports including the under-the-lights field hockey contest and popular football game with a family-friendly tailgate party, the Charter Day Dance, ANC reunion events, and a golf outing fundraiser for our Student Scholarship Fund. 

Campus Clubs

For more than 100 years, ANC has had extracurricular clubs dedicated to fostering sisterhood and brotherhood. There are four campus clubs: Alpha Kappa Mu, Deka, Phi Alpha, and Sigma Delta Pi. The clubs sponsor trips, dances, parties, dinners, and a variety of social activities throughout the school year.

Club Telegrams

Twice a year the four campus clubs each perform singing “Telegrams.” These a-capella performances are highly anticipated and the participants from each club are kept secret until the event begins. AKM, Deka, Sigma and Phi Alpha each perform songs; parents and community members are invited to watch at one of the four event locations.

The Oratorical Event

Each year, ten ANC students—five boys and five girls—are chosen by their English teacher to deliver speeches to the school and community at our annual Oratorical Event, held at the Mitchell Performing Arts Center. Students are mentored by their teacher as they select topics, write speeches, and work on delivery. Hosted by the English Department, the Oratorical Event is one of our signature academic events at ANC. Whatever the topic, the Oratorical Event allows students to stand in the spotlight and speak from the heart.