boys playing pool

Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall, our boys dormitory, houses ANC boys from across the United States and Canada and from countries around the globe. Life in Stuart Hall provides our boarding students with a cohesive community for life and growth, guided by the teachings for the New Church and supported by dedicated houseparents and resident assistants.

The Stuart Hall environment provides dorm boys with ample support to help them succeed academically. Dorm boys attend mandatory study hall five evenings a week. Our study hall program gives dorm boys a structure to complete their studies, while encouraging students to excel academically—boys can opt out of study hall if they demonstrate responsibility by maintaining an A average.

Our dorm boys are all expected to participate in our evening chapel program. Three nights a week—Tuesday through Thursday—chapel services are held in Stuart Hall. All dorm boys attend. Chapel is given by staff, faculty, ministers and Theological School students. Stuart Hall residents are asked to lead at least one chapel service during the year. Boys are given one-on-one help constructing their chapel presentation, but the subject matter and delivery are their own. This challenge helps our boys to think for themselves, improve their public speaking skills, and gain confidence speaking about their faith in front of their peers.

We strongly encourage students to join the dorm boys' campus club, the Phi Alpha. The club meets weekly in the dorm, hosts events throughout the year, and enjoys friendly club rivalry with our other campus clubs.