two girls hanging out in dorm room

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall provides a home-away-from-home for our boarding girls that is safe, caring, cooperative, and orderly. Glenn Hall is staffed by caring and supportive housemothers and resident assistants.

The dorm staff strives to establish an environment that is balanced and healthy, in order to create opportunities for girls to develop spiritually, socially, and academically.

Glenn Hall girls benefit tremendously from ANC's caring and supportive community. Two evenings a week Glenn Hall girls attend chapel services in the dorm that are led by community members. These chapel services include varied topics and discussions, encouraging dorm girls to engage in the topic at hand and explore their own beliefs in a supportive environment.

Four nights a week dorm girls participate in two hours of study hall in the dorm. This provides our girls with a structured time to complete their studies free from the usual social distractions of dorm life.

An integral part of life in Glenn Hall is the DEKA, the dorm girls' campus club. The DEKA provides a strong bond for dorm girls—the club meets weekly, sponsors social events, and enjoys sisterhood and friendly club rivalry throughout the year.