dorm students walking in front of glenn hall

Boarding at ANC

Boarding has been a part of the range of ANC options for a long time. Over the years, the boarding program has changed and improved as new times call for new approaches. Recently, we went through a challenging and important review of what we can offer and how we can do it well. One of the many plans we considered was a “pod” system. We have moved away from that idea and have landed on an approach that to most people will look very much like it has in recent years. The dorms will be staffed with capable and caring houseparents and resident assistants. Wonderful students will occupy the dorm rooms. There are three key areas that have been adjusted to accommodate financial realities and ensure a continued excellent experience. 

  1. The charges we pass on to the families will be much closer to the actual costs incurred by the boarding program. There will be less institutional subsidization.
  2. The way we handle food will be less expensive and more limited. Specifically, we will no longer offer institutional breakfasts and students may purchase a lunch plan and/or a dinner plan. Both dorms have kitchen facilities so that students can manage their own breakfasts (or other meals).
  3. The way we handle medical services will be less expensive and more limited. Specifically, during the day dorm students will have full access to the school nurse. But after hours, medical concerns will be handled directly by the dorm staff in close consultation with parents.


We are grateful for the hard work of many people who helped determine the best path forward to continue offering a meaningful boarding experience at ANC. In particular, we would like to thank the dorm staff for their insight and commitment.