dorm students walking in front of glenn hall

Residential Life

Our boarding students are an important part of the student body, and hail from throughout the United States and Canada, as well as several countries around the world.

Our dormitories—Stuart Hall for the boys and Glenn Hall for the girls—are run by faculty house parents aided by residential assistants college-age and older. Dormitory staff work hard to provide student residents with a safe, structured, and caring environment that incorporates the spiritual values of our school.

Living in a dormitory teaches students independence and self-confidence while providing a safety net for when they need additional support. With study hall, educational support services, college counseling, and academic advisors, our boarding students have a strong network of support.

Boarding students benefit from dining services provided by SAGE, and health services at the Doering Health Clinic, which also offers on-campus health care for boarding students.

Health Services

When dorm students are sick they are attended by the nursing staff at the Doering Clinic. There are nurses in the clinic during the school day, and a nurse on call at all times after hours and on weekends. Students report to the housemaster or housemother if they are not feeling well, and the dorm staff calls the nurse when needed.

The Medications on Campus policy spells out use of medicine for dorm students.

Occasionally a student is too seriously ill or injured to be managed safely in the dorm. At such times, parents may be required to take the student home for medical treatment and recovery. The decision is made by clinic and dorm staff when this becomes necessary. See our our policy on care of illness and injury in the dorm.

ANC requires all students to be covered by comprehensive medical insurance while enrolled at the school. Parents must submit a copy of the current insurance coverage card every year, or any time that coverage changes. All expenses incurred for medicine, visits to a physician or specialist, testing, and emergency care and transportation are the sole responsibility of parents.

Parents of out-of-state dorm students are strongly advised to call their insurance company before the start of the school year to determine whether their children will have insurance coverage in Pennsylvania. Medicaid coverage from other states is not acceptable as primary insurance as it will not cover anything short of emergency care.

Dining Services (SAGE)

SAGE Dining Service is proud to provide dining services to resident students in the Dining Hall. Day students and faculty join them for lunch. A variety of healthy choices are provided, and special diets are accommodated.  Contact the school nurse for special dietary needs.