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Campus Clubs

For more than 100 years, ANC has had extracurricular clubs dedicated to fostering sisterhood and brotherhood.

There are four campus clubs: Deka for Girls School boarding students, Alpha Kappa Mu for Girls School day students, Phi Alpha for Boys School boarding students, and Sigma Delta Pi for Boys School day students. The clubs sponsor trips, dances, parties, and a variety of other social activities throughout the school year.


The DEKA is our girls club for boarding students. Founded in 1906, the DEKA was the first of the four ANC campus clubs and promotes charity and sisterhood in Glenn Hall, our girls dormitory. Throughout the year they host a number of events, including inviting children from the surrounding community to trick-or-treat from dorm room to dorm room in Glenn Hall.

Alpha Kappa Mu

Alpha Kappa Mu—commonly referred to as the AKM—is the girls club for day students. The AKM provides a strong community of sisterhood for girls living in the surrounding community through various events and activities, including a club bonding weekend retreat. One of the highlights of the year is the annual Sadie Hawkins dance for the student body in the winter, hosted by the AKM. Day Girls School students are invited to join the club their sophomore year. 

Phi Alpha

Phi Alpha is the club for boys living in Stuart Hall, our boys dormitory. For over 100 years, the Phi Alpha has provided its members with the invaluable bond of brotherhood and provides them with a surrogate family. Two popular ANC events are hosted by the Phi Alpha: the fall Haunted House for community members and ANC students alike, and the Phi Alpha Ball—a winter dance for ANC students and their guests. 

Sigma Delta Pi

The boys club for day students is the Sigma Delta Pi--usually referred to as the Sigma. They enjoy activities designed to promote brotherhood and connection, such as homemade chariot races and the annual spring camping trip. Each winter the Sigma welcomes any student to participate in “Sigma Night Live,” a student variety show featuring music performances, stand up comedy routines, and videos by students and faculty.