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ANC to Produce Virtual Show this Fall

The production team for the fall play decided early this summer to choose a show that was designed to be rehearsed and performed virtually, so that students would still have the opportunity to perform even if ANC classes were not in-person.

Ultimately, Director Baird Kistner, with assistance from Ivan Maddock, adapted the play "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" by Brian Taylor to create “Happily Ever After 2020...Loading.”

17 students have been cast in this spoof of a fairy tale, recasting the usual princes and princesses--as well as the Evil Queen--in lockdown mode, able to communicate only through Magic Mirrors throughout the kingdoms. 

Seniors Jocelyn R and Hanna M will play the Evil Queen and Magic Mirror, with Julie G as Rapunzel, Meg M as Beauty, Paige S as Cinderella and Sophia I as Snow White. Senior Rafe W is making his ANC debut as Gasdumb, with Princes Dashing, Charming and Impeccable being played by Audrey S, Tara P and Rona M, respectively. Click here for the full cast list

“Happily Ever After 2020...Loading” will be directed by Baird Kistner, with Simon Daum reprising his role as Assistant. He will be joining our virtual rehearsals all the way from Colorado.

Despite being a virtual show, there are still opportunities for students to get involved on the production side – click here to sign up!