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"Mr. Odhner" Becomes "Dr. Odhner"

On Tuesday, August 6th, Dylan Odhner---Medieval History and Senior Project teacher---traveled one final time to Carpinteria, California for the Academic Defense of his Doctoral Dissertation, and was awarded his Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Jungian depth psychology.

Dr. Odhner graduated from the Boys School in 2005, and from Bryn Athyn College with a BA in History in 2009. After working in the Bryn Athyn College Admissions and Marketing offices for a number of years, he enrolled in an M.A./Ph.D. program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and soon after began his career as an ANC teacher. Though many would assume that an expertise in Comparative Mythology would add little to his Medieval History and Senior Project courses, Dr. Odhner has integrated his passion for myth into the classroom in a number of ways, including a deep dive into the beliefs behind the Viking invasions, a symbolic view of the Grail Quest as Europe's path out of the Dark Ages, and an exploration of the ways in which each student's Senior Project is a Campbellian hero-journey.

In addition to his friends and family, Dr. Odhner credits the Academy of the New Church for their ongoing support throughout his long journey. His dissertation---titled Redeeming the Shadow of the Self: a depth psychological cross-cultural investigation of the Foreshadow archetype---will be available for free download very soon.