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Humbug Cast List Announced

ANC is proud to present “Humbug” by John Wooten as the fall play--a 21st century take on Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

Eleanor--instead of Ebenezer--Scrooge is working on a corporate takeover in modern-day New York City on Christmas Eve. Her old boss, Jacob Marley, takes a break from his eternal internship in hell to warn her that she will be visited by three advisors that evening. Eleanor and her spirit guides take the classic tour of her past, present and future with a contemporary, humorous twist. 

Twenty-three students have been cast in this character-driven production. Junior Julie D will take on the challenging role of Eleanor Scrooge with senior Aurelle O as her associate, Bobbie Cratchit. Freshman Brian F plays Bobbie’s son Timmy. Teagan D (senior) will play Scrooge’s nephew Phil and junior Becket S is Jacob Marley. Seniors Levon A and Madison Z will be playing two of the ghosts, Past and Present respectively. The Ghost of Christmas Future remains uncast for the moment. 

Click here for the rest of the ensemble, including the chorus of carolers.

Tickets for “Humbug” will go on sale October 1st and submissions are being solicited for the program. Don’t miss this holiday tradition with modern-day hilarity!