ANC Presents "Scared Silly"

ANC Presents "Scared Silly"

Scared Silly is a collection of hauntingly hilarious short plays.

Each spooky tale has a twist, whether it's what detention looks like in a school for the supernatural (“The Midnight Club”), the incredible secret of the trick-or-treater dressed normally who wants candy anyway (“The True Meaning of Halloween”), or the only thing that scares ghosts (“In the Waiting Room at the Ghost Placement Agency”).

Cursed by a night without internet, Pat and his friend Jesse are entertained by his eccentric cousin’s ghost stories, which come to life before their eyes. Through these spooky vignettes they will discover that the afterlife and supernatural come with their own share of hilarious problems, and even monsters have their off days. These haunted tales will leave you in stitches as they explore both the lighter and darker sides of the Halloween season, promising treats instead of tricks.

Thirty-five students have been cast in this ensemble-driven production. Senior roles include Anya D as “Bernadette” and Tash C making her MPAC debut as “Madeline.” Paige S will be playing “Meg” and Meg M will be portraying her friend “Sarah,” with Wyatt S as their friend “Rob.” Ian K will take the stage as “Vladimir” and Trinity R will be his love-interest, “Tess” in her first appearance in an ANC play. Ainsley O will portray “Lola,” Sarah H is the ghost “Elspeth” and Halloween-obsessed “Jonas” will be played by Leopold K. Alessandra K plays “Jules,” Maggie S will be sorceress “Evanore,” with Tara P as her sidekick “Captain Katrina Whiskers” and Gresham B rounding out the seniors as the golem “HNM.”

Check out the rest of the cast here.

Performances for “Scared Silly” will run October 28-30th.