ANC 2023 Yearbook Wins Prestigious Award

ANC 2023 Yearbook Wins Prestigious Award

We are very excited to announce that ANC’s 2022-2023 yearbook has won the Neographics Competition Franklin Award for Excellence in the Directories and Source Books Category. The Neographics Competition has been staged for more than 50 years by the Print and Graphic Communications Association representing printing businesses in PA, NJ, NY and DE.  

In the notification letter from the Neographics Committee they stated: “[ANC’s] submission…was deemed outstanding by our expert panel of judges.  The competition this year was extremely competitive, so you should be especially proud!”

The 2023 yearbook, created in the style of Dr. Seuss, is a uniquely colorful celebration of the school year and graduates. Whimsical artwork and rhymes are sprinkled throughout creating a cohesive publication that is both fabulously fun and informative. 

When asked about his experience being a yearbook editor, Corbin Larsen said, "While being asked to edit the yearbook came as a bit of a surprise, I had a great year annoying teachers and students for photos, procrastinating on important emails, and spending long hours captioning so many photos of sports and clubs. Although in many ways the bane of my free time, I look forward to doing it all again this year.” Yearbook editor, Hilani Wahl stated, “The yearbook is more than just photography, emails and editing, it's trying to encapsulate all the memories of a school year. Being a yearbook editor has been the best way to give back to a school that has given me so much.”

The 2023 yearbook joins ANC’s 2008, 2010, and 2015 yearbooks in receiving this prestigious award.

Congratulations to our co-editors, Hilani Wahl and Corbin Larsen, and the whole yearbook team!