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End of Year Awards

Academic Awards

Principals Schadegg and Irwin, along with the faculties of the Girls School and the Boys School, are proud to announce the presentation of annual awards to students who have distinguished themselves in the various academic areas by their achievement, creativity, effort and attitude.

The program features brief introductory and concluding remarks by our Chaplain, the Rev. Barry Halterman, a special award by Principal Irwin, as well as individual departmental awards by each Department Head.

Academic Awards Program (PDF)

Spring Sports Awards

The athletics department is excited to announce the winners of the major end-of-year athletic awards!

Marah P. Boyesen Award - Carling B.
Elaine S. Asplundh Award - Nicole M.
Payson Lyman Award - Devin B.
Payson Lyman Award - Sean M.
Stanley F. Ebert Award - Jeb B.