Stagecraft Class at ANC

Stagecraft Class at ANC

June 7, 2023 | By Anya D.

ANC has an elective course called Stagecraft, open to juniors and seniors. During the class, students design and build the set for either the fall play or spring musical. Stagecraft was an incredible and highly gratifying class that I absolutely loved taking. The course allowed me and my fellow classmates to learn about industry-standard building processes and use power tools that usually would not normally be available to us. 

We designed our own versions of the sets, learning about scale drawings from different perspectives, and we all saw aspects of our designs incorporated into the final product. Additionally, we all took a field trip to Glencairn Museum to get inspiration for our own designs. 

theatre set piece on a stage

After we had built the entire set, the painting was also educational, as we got to use multiple different rollers and brush techniques to add texture and interest to the giant walls. Finally, we were able to add lighting and pyrotechnics to the set, forming an impressive final product that any student could feel proud of.

Stagecraft is a great class for students who are normally involved in acting to get experience working with the set. It also gives students useful life skills in construction. Senior Tara P. says: “I feel like this class taught me enough so I can build way more than just IKEA furniture.”