KaiXin’s Perspective on Life at ANC

KaiXin’s Perspective on Life at ANC

May 24, 2021 | By KaiXin L. 

My name is KaiXin; most people call me Kevin. I am from China; I chose to learn in the US for my high school education because my family and I want me to have a diversified learning environment and a more comprehensive vision of the world. 

I first started my freshman and sophomore year at a small private school. Limited resources at the school pushed me to consider transferring to a more academically and athletically advanced school. ANC was recommended to me as a good school to visit and so I did.

The differences I found between my previous school and ANC are why I want to spend the rest of my two years here. ANC has a significantly well-equipped theater building, which I am specifically interested in, and resources for various types of art. I took the stained glass class this year and I loved it, and I plan to take sculpture next year. I often discover new things here that interest me. I always look forward to going to school each day. 

I did virtual school for an entire year before I returned in person to ANC after Easter. I was almost depressed every day and worrying that I had nothing to do. Now, it's been a month since moving into the dorm. My schedule fulfills me so much since I have musical rehearsal everyday and dance class for exercise on most weekdays. 

ANC offers large assortments of sports for students to participate in after school and living in the dorm has many conveniences: athletes have a nutritious dinner after games and the dorm has all the necessities for daily life. All my dorm mates have individual rooms and we love chilling in the lounge and watching Netflix on the big screen.

Assignments can be overwhelming sometimes because of rehearsals, but here, I have an easy way of reaching out for help, and the teachers are very welcoming. It also takes time management skills to make things easier. 

I am very appreciative to have all these experiences that are preparing me for college and my future life.