Hispanic Heritage Month at ANC

Hispanic Heritage Month at ANC

November 4, 2022 | By Jayda M. 

Hispanic Heritage Month was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the hispanic roots of the students in our school. We were able to hear about the culture and traditions the people around us have experienced their whole lives. Each week we focused on a specific country for the students and faculty to learn more about. These countries were Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. 

students in auditorium watching a movie on a projector

For Cuba, we were given a small glimpse into life in a few parts of Cuba and were able to try a delicious traditional dessert called “pastelitos de guayaba.” We were given the opportunity to learn more about the Dominican Republic by learning a bit of Dominican slang and we were given the chance to taste the very popular Dominican candy called “pilones.”

photo of student holding flan

Next, we traveled to Puerto Rico where we were given a tour of the beautiful island and were able to learn a bit of slang. We were also able to taste “flan,” which is a delicious dessert that can be found in almost every Puerto Rican home during holidays and parties. 

While we were celebrating the island of Puerto Rico, they and the Dominican Republic were struck with a devastating hurricane. To make a small impact, we conducted a bake sale where we raised $230 to donate to World Central Kitchen. This organization flies to any place around the world that has been the subject of a disaster and cooks delicious meals for the people there. We hope our donation was and is able to bring a little hope to someone who is experiencing disaster and chaos. 

The final portion of our celebration was a recorded interview with some of ANC’s Hispanic students. This interview included much more about the specific lives of the students in our school and how each celebrates their culture.

This month allowed us to understand a little more about a few of the students in our school and we had an amazing time celebrating it!

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