2021 Yearbook Dedication

2021 Yearbook Dedication

June 14, 2021

On behalf of the ANC Senior Class of 2021, we are honored to announce our yearbook dedications. 

The Girls School Seniors are dedicating their yearbook to Ms. Meg Walker. 

Ms. Walker does it all. She is truly a Renaissance woman, teaching: Spanish 1, European History, and Zumba, while also serving as the head yearbook advisor. Her wonderful laugh brightens the days of all those within earshot. Her classes are always filled with energy and enthusiasm, and her deep love and knowledge of all of the many subjects she teaches make her lessons intriguing and thought-provoking. Her study guides are invaluable and her organizational skills are unmatched. She works tirelessly to prepare her Spanish 1 students to take on Spanish 2, equipping them with everything they need to know and a love for the language. Each year she guides her History students towards writing the perfect paper, teaching them valuable skills that, if properly utilized, can wow and amaze future teachers. 

Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching do not stop in the classroom. She is an energetic and bubbly Zumba teacher, to which any girl who has had the pleasure of being in her PE class would eagerly attest. Seeing her smile at you while you stumble through a new dance is uplifting and encourages everyone to try their hardest. 

Now, this may seem like a lot already, but she does even more on the yearbook committee. As head advisor, she is always editing pages and giving suggestions to the editors. Her keen eye for detail and relentless quest for perfection are what make each yearbook so extraordinary. She keeps us all on track and without her, the committee would truly be lost and we would not have this yearbook. 

Ms. Walker is as kind as she is knowledgeable. She has made a tremendous impact on the class of 2021, and to show our gratitude for all that she does, we are dedicating this year’s yearbook to Ms. Walker. 

Thank you for everything you do, Ms. Walker!

The Boys School seniors are dedicating their yearbook to Mr. Cory Boyce. 

A gentle giant, an angel on earth, a low “good morning” to start the day: these are just a few things students and faculty appreciate about the one and only, Mr. Cory Boyce. Mr. Boyce has been an inspiring influence and a role model to the senior boys class of 2021. His devoted love for teaching, plus  his eagerness  to watch students grow, makes him undeniably, one of the greatest, if not the greatest, human in the school. 

His years of knowledge shine through in Calculus and Statistics, where he prepares the students for AP exams. His everlasting creativity aids all in Senior Project, where he helps mentor relationships, and helps develop projects and entertaining presentations. Everyone knows Mr. Boyce is an excellent teacher in the classroom, and I am sure you could guess that he continued that reputation throughout online school. He went above and beyond to provide the same level of education through a tiny screen, making classes feel “familiar” and making himself available for extra help at all times of the day. 

Mr. Boyce provides a calm affirming presence throughout the school and on the soccer field. He draws people to him and is someone that everyone wants to call their friend. ANC has been incredibly lucky to have Mr. Boyce for so many years. He’s like a fine wine, he just gets better with age. He has touched the hearts of all who walked through the brass doors of DeCharms and specifically the hearts of the 2021 Senior boys who dedicate this yearbook as a thank you to him for dedicating his career to ANC.