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Honor Society

The Honor Society at ANC is the White Horse Chapter of the nationally recognized association, the National Honor Society, which has promoted excellence in education since 1921.

Our chapter was brought to the campus through student initiative in 1983. To be a member, a student must demonstrate character, leadership, service, and academic excellence.

The Honor Society is a way of recognizing the outstanding achievements and contributions of a significant portion of the student body.  We are proud that about 20% of our student body meets our high standards for acceptance.

Selection to the Honor Society

Membership in the Honor Society is a privilege the faculty bestows on students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who exemplify the four pillars designated by the National Honor Society - scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The Honor Society Faculty Council has set standards for each of these areas and created a selection procedure to determine which students meet those standards.

Scholarship. Students must have a quality point average over the last three terms of at least 2160 quality points (average grade of 90).

Character. A person of character demonstrates many qualities, including trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. We look to the faculty to help discern this particularly hard-to-quantify requirement.

Leadership. Students who have demonstrated and active role in school or community organizations show leadership. But we also recognize that leadership exists outside of elected positions. Qualities of leadership include initiative, inspiring positive behavior in others, promoting school activities, resourcefulness, and dependability.

Service. Students need to document ten hours of community service to be eligible. Those hours begin to accumulate the summer before entering high school.

Every spring the Honor Society adviser first using the scholarship component to gather a list of eligible students.  Those students then receive letters inviting them to provide documentation of positions held, employment, activities, and community service.  Once this information is collected, each eligible student will be interviewed by the Honor Society Faculty Council. After which, the Honor Society adviser will contact each eligible student to let them know if they were selected or not.

For more details such as Honorary Membership, exceptions, and upholding standards, please see the White Horse Chapter bylaws. You may also contact the adviser, Mrs. Martha Odhner at martha.odhner@ancss.org.


Induction Pledge

The pledge recited by members upon induction:

I pledge myself to always seek the light of truth,
To hold scholarly habits,
To engage in worthy service,
And to lead forward in all things that shall
advance the welfare of the school.