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The Gurian Institute and ANC

Boys and Girls are Different

Everyone knows that boys and girls are different. They look different, they act differently, and we know they learn differently. From the very beginning ANC has recognized this by insisting that although we are one Academy, we maintain a separate Boys School and Girls School so that the fundamental differences between the masculine and feminine can be reflected in our educational system. The Boys School faculty and Girls School faculty can meet individually to ensure appropriate programs, discipline and guidance for each gender. Classes can be single sex, where appropriate, or coeducational where that works best.

Boys and Girls Should be Complementary

Ultimately men and women work together in the world - in the workplace, in the civic arena, in marriage. Where and when are they taught that members of the opposite sex think and feel differently about things? Where are they trained to understand the differences and to bring that new understanding into their own daily life?

An Audacious Goal

ANC has followed the emerging research in how boys and girls learn, and we are attempting to apply this knowledge to something that isn't much talked about: how can educators not only accommodate the differences, but stress the complementary nature of the masculine and feminine mind in our educational practices? We identified the Gurian Institute as a resource to help us take our theories about the masculine and feminine minds and refine and improve our two-schools-in-one approach.

ANC Awarded Model School Status: read press release