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Curriculum Guide

The academic program at ANC is built around a core curriculum that prepares students for life after secondary school. As they advance, students can take advantage of greater opportunities to specialize, and behind every course and every lesson is a challenge to ponder the deeper questions in life. 

Curriculum Guide Tools:

For a list of courses by grade level, highlight the appropriate departmental tabs below; to get an idea of what each course involves, click the individual course descriptions at the bottom of the tab.  † indicates a required course.

Academic Departments

Grade 9: Choral Ensemble; Costuming; Instrumental Music; Fundamentals of Fine Art†


Grade 10: Ceramics; Choral Ensemble; Costuming; Drawing and Introduction to Oils; Instrumental Ensemble; Photography; Printmaking


Grade 11: Choral Ensemble; Costuming; Instrumental Ensemble; Drawing and Painting; Performing Arts Portfolio; Pottery; Printmaking; Stagecraft; Stained Glass; Visual Arts Portfolio


Grade 12: Choral Ensemble; Costuming; Creative Drawing and Painting; Instrumental Ensemble; Performing Arts Portfolio; Photography; Sculpture; Stagecraft; Stained Glass; Visual Arts Portfolio