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Academic Trips

Experiential learning is an important part of learning, and ANC is excited to be able to provide educational trips for our students. 

2024-2025 Spanish and French Exchange Trips

2023 Exchange Trip Photos

Spanish Exchange | March 7-17, 2025

ANC is currently planning their sixth exchange with La Purísima school in Valencia, Spain, during the 2024-25 school year. See photos from the 2019 exchange in Valencia and the Spanish students' time in Philadelphia. ANC students and teachers will travel to Valencia over spring break 2023 to live with host families, attend classes and tour Valencia as well as spend a weekend in Madrid. Our visit to Valencia will coincide with preparations for the region’s biggest festival of the year: Las Fallas. We will get to experience the daily fireworks, numerous parades and gigantic ninots–huge paper-mache statues that commemorate and satirize the past year. In Barcelona we will visit La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter and see a Flamenco show.

The Spanish students will be coming to ANC at the end of March to stay with host families, attend ANC classes and also take day trips to surrounding points of interest. 

Since this is an exchange, students who plan to travel to Spain are also expected to host. Students will be matched by the teachers and ANC students will stay with the same Spanish student he or she hosted. If there is an impediment to hosting (such as being a resident student) we can work together to find alternate arrangements for the students.

The trip is open to any ANC student, although some knowledge of Spanish language is necessary to live with a host family for a week. Spanish 1 students have gone on both of the previous exchanges with great success. Click here for itinerary and prices. We will find out in the next two weeks if there is financial aid available. Please contact for more information or for registration instructions.

French Exchange | March 7-17, 2025

Year two with the high school Le Mirail en Bordeauz is coming up! ANC students will be staying with host families and attending school in beautiful Bordeaux and spending a weekend in Paris during spring break 2025. Some instagram pics and videos of ANC students in Bordeaux in 2023 give a taste of the amazing experience they had.

The French students will be coming to ANC some time after spring break to stay with their ANC partner's family, attend ANC classes and also take some trips to local points of interest.

Hosting is, of course, an integral part of an exchange, but if a student with an inability to host is interested in participating, s/he should reach out to Mrs. Connelly to investigate possible alternatives.  

The trip is open to any ANC student who is or has been part of the French program, French 1 students included! Click here for itinerary and prices. Financial aid information should be available by mid-May. Please contact for more information or for registration instructions.  

2025-2026 Science Trip

Costa Rica Science Trip | Tentatively June 2026

ANC is tentatively planning a science trip to Costa Rica in the beginning of summer 2026, shortly after the 2025-2026 school year ends. These trips usually end up being about 6-8 days long.

The trip will be open to any current or former ANC student and anyone else that would like to join. Details about exact timing and cost should be finalized around December 2024.

Please contact for more information.