football player running the ball down the field


Head Coach: Ty Klippenstein

Assistant Coaches: Kevin Jungé, Randall Mattison, Troy Anusky and Walter Long 

The Football team is known for their high-quality athleticism and sportsmanship. While the team is not currently part of a league, in 2018 the team went 10-0 to record the first 10-win season in ANC Football history. 

The program has had players go on to play NCAA Division 1 Football at Temple, Yale, University of Connecticut, and University of Pennsylvania. 

* = league game

Game Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jan 26
Mon, Jan 27
Tue, Jan 28
Wed, Jan 29
Thu, Jan 30
Fri, Jan 31
Sat, Feb 1
Sun, Feb 2
Mon, Feb 3
Tue, Feb 4
Wed, Feb 5
Thu, Feb 6
Fri, Feb 7
Sat, Feb 8
Sun, Feb 9
Mon, Feb 10
Tue, Feb 11
Wed, Feb 12
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Mon, Feb 17
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Wed, Feb 19
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Sat, Feb 22
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Mon, Feb 24
Tue, Feb 25
Wed, Feb 26
Thu, Feb 27
Fri, Feb 28
Sat, Feb 29

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