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Boys Teams

In the boys athletic program at ANC, sportsmanship is held in the highest regard. Our coaches maintain an exceptional level of athleticism while encouraging integrity and cooperation. 

All of our athletic teams are built on a no-cut policy. Every boy who wants to work hard and contribute to a group has a place on our teams, regardless of prior experience or skill level. Our dedicated coaches recognize that athletics is an important part of education, and that succeeding on the playing field helps instill confidence and character in our boys. Through our athletic programs, boys learn how to build positively on their successes and failures. They carry the lessons learned on the field back to the classrooms and into their wide-ranging futures. 




The boys football team is known for their high-quality athleticism and sportsmanship. 

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The boys soccer team is known for their dedication and hard work. The team competes in the Friends Schools League.

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The boys basketball team consistently represents the excellence of ANC Athletics, and their games draw crowds of spectators from the surrounding community

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Ice Hockey

The boys ice hockey team aggressively pursues victory, while maintaining their sportsmanship and camaraderie

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They boys wrestling team works to build confidence and strength, improving their technique and strategy as they compete in the Friends School League.

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The baseball team focuses on increasing athleticism, accuracy, awareness, and knowledge of the game.

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The boys lacrosse team is known for their tireless and unselfish attitude. They work hard as a team as they offer strong competition in the Friends School League. 

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