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Fall Play 

All students are invited to participate in our annual fall play–either onstage or off.

Auditions are held in September and are open to the entire school. The theatrical set is designed and built by our fall term StageCraft class, which is an elective for juniors, and the costumes are created by our fall term Costuming class, open to all grade levels. Students can also get involved with lighting design and implementation, running the sound board, props creation, stage crew and more. 

2023 Fall Play - The Play That Goes Wrong

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Congratulations to the cast and crew of THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG on their fabulous performances in December!

THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG is a hilarious “play within a play” about the ill-fated Cornley Players’ attempt to put on a production of “The Murder at Haversham Manor.” Things go from bad to worse as the actors forget lines, mix up props, become injured and the set falls apart around them.  

Seniors Aurelia Sullivan and Maggie Dooley charmed as Sandra (the diva leading lady) and Annie (the stage manager forced to appear on stage). Their physical battle was especially hilarious. Equally excellent were the performances by senior Markus Bryntesson (Chris, the troupe’s director) and Robert (the only competent actor in the group!) trying to keep the performance going despite the chaos around them. Padriac Frazier (Max) and Zachary Ruth (Dennis) had audiences laughing out loud with their physical comedy, and Paxton Cooper stayed on stage the entire show as a wayward stagehand who tried to keep the set upright. 

A group of ten actors played the “Cornley Players Stage Crew,” jumping into action in an attempt to keep the play going. Audiences were treated to improv skits done by 14 students, including a “Taylor Swift Skit,” “Stretcher Skit” and “Lost Paxton Skit.” The improv crew’s work was done under the direction of Alex Kline, Isabella Furness and Corbin Larsen. Under their leadership the students wrote, directed and produced all of their own work. 

The junior Stagecraft class designed and built the set, and the fall Costuming class worked on the costumes for the show. Over 60 students were involved in this production, either on stage or behind the scenes. 

27 Cappies critics attended the first weekend and wrote reviews [read them here]. Overall the critics were very favorable to the production. Nominations for Cappie awards will come out in April. 

Check out photos from the production here