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Fall Play - “Happily Ever After 2020... Loading”

Fairy tales may not have the magic of technology, but they do have magic--and through the wonders of the magic mirror, even fairy tales can come to life for the virtual stage!

Digital Release: You can now purchase on-demand tickets to see both the Fall Performing Arts Concert and the virtual fall play “Happily Ever After 2020...Loading.” Visit https://academyofthenewchurch.anywhereseat.com/ to purchase your tickets.

The Evil Queen wishes to be fairest of them all. But when she summons great magic in hopes of finding Snow White, she can suddenly look through all mirrors throughout the kingdom.  But there’s a catch...  the magic also allows everyone else’s mirrors to show them what they most wish to see. 

Adapted by Baird Kistner and Ivan Maddock, from the script “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” by Brian D. Taylor. “Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Denver, Colorado”

17 students have been cast in this spoof of a fairy tale, recasting the usual princes and princesses--as well as the Evil Queen--in lockdown mode, able to communicate only through Magic Mirrors throughout the kingdoms. 

Seniors Jocelyn R and Hanna M will play the Evil Queen and Magic Mirror, with Julie G as Rapunzel, Meg M as Beauty, Paige S as Cinderella and Sophia I as Snow White. Senior Rafe W is making his ANC debut as Gasdumb, with Princes Dashing, Charming and Impeccable being played by Audrey S, Tara P and Rona M, respectively. Click here for the full cast list