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Fall Play - HUMBUG

Congratulations to the cast and crew on a job well done! 

The first weekend in December, audiences enjoyed “Humbug” by John Wooten, a 21st Century remake of the Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol.” Eleanor Scrooge, an ambitious Wall Street executive who has an aversion to Christmas, is visited by three "advisors" who provide her with an eye-opening new appreciation for the holidays and the spirit of Christmas. Instead of treating the Scrooge’s cautionary tale as a medieval pageant wagon or 19th-century morality play, the playwright gave his characters subtext and depth, connecting them more fully to the audience.

This play is more than a simple miser who wants all the gold for herself. There is a sense of purpose to her workaholic nature as she tries desperately to raise money for her dying sister. She plays the capitalist game, climbs the corporate ladder, and barges her way into the boardroom of the “Boy’s Club” that is the world of business. Thanks to Marley, she became a ruthless shark in pursuit of profit and control of her own destiny. This is the complex backstory that makes Eleanor able to say, “It’s business” with conviction when she buys out Misslehouse’s family-run company. Who doesn’t have a little of Scrooge in them? Not the greed part, but the part that is as tough-as-nails in order to survive. 

Thank you to the Greater Philadelphia Cappies who attended and reviewed Friday evening’s performance. Read their reviews here.

Thank you to our audiences, who took time away from all the many holiday events at this time of year. We hope the show offered you a brief reprieve, allowed you to laugh, perhaps cry, and reflect on how each of us one has limited time in this world—let’s fill it with joyful experiences and leave the regrets behind.

See photos of “Humbug” on our Facebook page: album 1 & album 2