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The national Cappies program was created in 1999 to promote high school theatre and journalism programs; ANC has been a part of the Greater Philadelphia Cappies chapter since 2006.

Students are trained in journalism, fairness and theatre critique at the beginning of each school year and attend five shows throughout the year at other area high schools. At a Cappies show, there are 30-50 student critics from different high schools in attendance as Cappies. They meet before and immediately after the show for a discussion facilitated by a teacher mentor. Each critic writes a short review which is anonymously read by the teacher mentors, who then chooses the top four reviews for publication.

On ANC’s team this year: Meg M. (lead critic), Maggie S, Ainsley O and Anya D.

This year our Cappies show is the spring musical. Between 30-50 Cappies critics from area high schools will attend opening night and then write reviews of the show. The spring musical will be eligible for awards given at the annual Cappies Gala in May.

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