class of 2020

Why ANC?

We have the best of both worlds. Our careful combination of single gender and coeducational courses allows us to tailor learning specifically to each gender, and at the same time provide opportunities for girls and boys to collaborate with one another in the academic sphere and in extracurricular and social activities. 

  • Girls School graduates say they were encouraged to think creatively and independently, and given the confidence to assert their opinions and refine their ideas. 
  • Boys School graduates say they could focus on academics and structure their ideas, being challenged to succeed academically and to make wise life choices.

We value a spiritual foundation. Every day the entire school meets in the chapel for a brief presentation by our pastoral staff or a visiting minister. It is a chance for quiet reflection on some aspect of life that can be better understood and improved. The chapel message often becomes a topic of discussion in the classroom that day.

ANC’s award-winning community service program encourages every student to think outside of themselves. Delta Mu, our student-led service club, organizes activities throughout the year, and the annual service trip to the Poconos to volunteer at a Salvation Army camp is always a highlight of the year.

Our no-cut athletic program allows every student to enjoy healthy competition. We offer fourteen sports at ANC, with everything from lacrosse to ice hockey. Our coaches use the competitive environment as a classroom to teach self-discipline, team-building and true sportsmanship. 

At ANC, the performing arts program is not only for theater students. Over 50% of the school is involved in each of our two main-stage productions each year. While performing on stage is popular, there are also many opportunities to participate back-stage in one of our student-led technical theater crews.

We offer a unique senior project course that challenges students to think creatively and work independently. This year-long class allows students to design and create independent projects under the guidance of a mentor. In addition to a paper, a project, and a presentation, students incorporate a service aspect into every project.