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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a tour of ANC?

  • We welcome your family to attend our Open House on Saturday, October 19th at 10:00 am. Click here to register.
  • Schedule a private tour, Monday through Thursday at 7:45 am. Call the Admissions Office, 267-502-2539.

Can my child visit classes?

  • Yes, once your family has completed a private tour or attended our Open House, we will be happy to schedule a shadow day. They are held Monday through Thursday 7:45 am - noon. 

What transportation is available for day students?

  • Families who live within a 10-mile radius can ride their district school bus. There is also a Septa bus route nearby. 

Is there a dress code?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Academic FAQs

Do students have advisors?

  • Yes, every student has an academic advisor.

What sort of academic support is available for students?

  • Speak with Admissions to find out what level of support is available.

Are computers available for students on campus? Do students need to bring their own computer?

  • Computers are available for student use and students are welcome to bring their own computer. 

How much homework should students expect at ANC?

  • Students should expect about half an hour per class period, on average.


Boarding Life FAQs

What do boarding students do on the weekends?

  • There are social events many weekends for both boarding and day students. In addition, each dorm has various activities for residents. 

Is there a required study hall?

  • Boarding students have a study hall period from 7-9 pm on school nights, Sunday-Thursday.

What happens when a student gets sick while living in the dorm?

  • We have a nurse on campus to check on sick students and bring them their meals.

How are roommates assigned?

  • Over the summer, the dorm head sends a questionnaire to each student in order to pair roommates.


Newly Accepted Students FAQs

When do we choose fall classes?

  • Registrations for new students are emailed at the beginning of July.

How do I order books?

How do I arrange for bus transportation for my day student?

  • Please contact Keene Blair by phone 267-502-2538 or email for further information. 

When should I expect to receive summer mailings?

  • You will receive mailings periodically throughout the summer.
  • Once enrolled, forms and mailings will be received via "My Backpack."

Open House

Join us for our Open House on Saturday, October 19th at 9:45am. 



Private Tour

If you are unable to attend our Open House we would be happy to schedule your family for a private tour. 

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