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Affording ANC

Tuition and fees are based on a family’s financial aid needs. Please call Denise DiFiglia, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, at 267-502-4855 for details.

Payment Plans Available

There are three payment options for tuition and fees:

  1. Annual Plan: Paid in full on or before August 19th
  2. Trimester Plan:  Paid in three installments at the start of each trimester
  3. Monthly Plan: Paid in a maximum of 10 payments beginning July 1 and ending April 6  

Financial Aid

Our Financial Aid program is need-based for families that qualify. Families receive grants ranging up to 90% of the tuition based on need. To apply for Financial Aid please visit SSS (School and Student Services) at You will complete an application and provide to SSS your previous year's taxes and supporting documentation. If you need assistance, please contact Denise DiFiglia, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at 267-502-4855 and she will be happy to assist you.