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Affording ANC

We are delighted that you are considering an ANC education. Below you will find information about tuition, fees, and financial aid for the 2022-23 school year.

2022-23 Tuition

  Day Student Boarding Student

Grades 9 - 12



Grades 9 - 12
Legacy Student*



Grades 9 - 12
International Student

$36,240 + required insurance of $2,650.

*Legacy Student designation includes but may not be limited to:

  • A student that has themselves or has at least one parent or grandparent been baptized into the General Church of the New Jerusalem or a Sister Church 
  • A student that has at least one sibling, or one parent, or one grandparent who is a graduate of ANC

Additional Costs Outside of Tuition

Financial Aid:

Any student who applies to ANC may choose to apply for financial aid.

Families that qualify receive aid ranging up to 90% of the tuition based on need. Families must apply for financial aid each year. 

To be considered in the first round of financial aid decisions, new and returning families must complete the financial aid application by February 1, 2022. Almost all financial aid is distributed in the first round.

Families applying after the February 1st deadline will receive aid if funds allow, or they may be placed on our financial aid waitlist. 

To apply for financial aid please visit SSS (School and Student Services) by clicking the button below.

Apply for Financial Aid

Families must complete an application and provide SSS with their previous year's taxes and supporting documentation. Further information about applying for financial aid can be viewed on the ANCSS Financial Aid Flier

If you need assistance, please contact the financial aid office at 267-502-2507.

Payment Plans Available

There are three payment options for tuition and fees:

  1. Annual Plan: Paid in full on or before August 19th
  2. Trimester Plan:  Paid in three installments at the start of each trimester
  3. Monthly Plan: Paid in a maximum of 10 payments beginning July 1 and ending April 6