students attending worship service at Bryn Athyn Cathedral

Our Beliefs

Our curriculum is inspired by the teachings of the New Church. Through classroom instruction and an atmosphere of spiritual conviction, we challenge students to discover their own sense of purpose. Here are a few of the New Church beliefs that underpin an ANC education.

We believe in one God. There is one God, who created the natural universe and the spiritual realm of heaven. At ANC, we offer our students a distinctive approach to religion and spirituality.

We believe the Bible is God's truth. The Bible is a user’s guide to life, containing God's wisdom in literal and hidden ways. Our religion courses incorporate study of the Word of God, and we encourage students to use it as a guide for leading better lives.

We believe our conduct in this life determines our eternal home. Heaven is open to everyone who wants to live there. Our choices and priorities shape our future—in this life and the next.

We believe religion is lived by doing good. Religion is not just church on Sunday; how we live each day is the evidence of our true beliefs and values. Community service is a big part of life at ANC.

We believe men and women can learn from the qualities of one another. The strengths and weaknesses of men and women are complementary and, when brought together, can help each individual better understand God and life. At ANC, we recognize the importance of a co-educational experience, as well as the benefits of providing a comfortable environment tailored to the strengths of each gender.

The New Church teaches much more about God, heaven, and how to lead a Christian life. Learn more at

New Church Overview

The New Church (also referred to as Swedenborgianism) is a Christian faith based on the teachings of the Bible and the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th century Swedish scientist and theologian. Swedenborg published extensively about what it means to be Christian, the inner meaning of the Bible, the afterlife, and God. The teachings for the New Church emphasize that true happiness comes from leading a life of useful service to others.

The Academy of the New Church is affiliated with the General Church of the New Jerusalem, which is often referred to simply as the New Church.