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Employment Opportunities

As an organization, we are committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity. All employment decisions, policies, and practices are in accordance with federal, state, and local anti-discrimination laws, to the extent applicable. We will not engage in or tolerate unlawful discrimination (including any form of unlawful harassment) on account of a person’s gender, age, religion, creed, race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, military status, veteran status, handicap or disability, or any other protected group or status.

As a limited exception to these general principles, in some instances, membership in the Church and compliance with Church doctrine may be a requirement of the position, and may be taken into consideration in accordance with applicable law.

Current Openings: 

Glenn Hall, Girls High School Dormitory

Part-time; Roughly 100 hours over the course of the academic year (averages to about 2.5 hours per week)

Job Description
Both the Head and Assistant Advisors play a significant role in the creation and continuation of Deka. Advisors should have historical knowledge as well as professional experience to help support students while they are recruiting members, creating and planning club activities, as well as training and transitioning club officers. Advisors are responsible for encouraging active membership, inclusivity, and good-record keeping by the members throughout the year. Advisors are expected to supervise all events, attend as many meetings as possible, as well as be available for consultation during the planning phases of events. 


  • Must have a suitable temperament and an affinity for working with adolescents.
  • Ability to inspire and manage groups of teens.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Takes a proactive approach to problem solving and has the ability to multitask.
  • Capable of prioritizing and exercising independent judgment.
  • Scheduling/planning abilities and is detail oriented.

Duties and Functions

  • Encourages active membership and attends all club events.
  • Understanding and preserving the dynamics of the club’s history and presence on campus.
  • Fostering love and respect for Deka, and encouraging members to support the sustainability of the club.
  • Advising club officers on how and when to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.
  • Assisting the Head Advisor with the details of helping members to plan, participate, and clean-up at events.
  • Examining details of events to ensure they are safe, fun, and meet the goals of the club's purpose.
  • Transportation to and from events if they occur off of campus. 
  • Assist with planning and chaperoning of the annual Deka Trip (this is an overnight trip)

Typical events and hours worked - Hours worked are logged through the ADP portal

  • Club meetings (bi-monthly; usually Tuesdays or Wednesdays 9:00-10:00 PM)
  • Club Events (occur weekly during the month of September and then about once per month after that; usually on weekend evenings)
    • September: Weekly pledging events, Sunday song practices, Telegram auditions
    • October: Member Inductions, Charter Day Concession Sale, Deka Alumni Tea, Deka Trip (Overnight trip Friday- Sunday), Community Halloween Event
    • November: Club Banquets and Telegrams
    • December: Gym Jam, 4-Club event
    • January: Brother/Sister Club event
    • February: Flower Grams
    • March/April: Brother/Sister Club event
    • May: Club Banquets and Telegrams, Officer Nominations, Officer Elections
    • June: Officer Inductions


  • ANC Van Driver Course with the Safety and Security Department
  • Fingerprinting, PA Child Safety Background Check
  • 1st Aid and CPR Certification

To Apply:  Contact Meryl-Leigh Simons at meryl.simons@ancss.org or 267-210-6318 if you have any questions or are interested in applying for the position. 

Message from the Principals:

Year to year, we sometimes have positions that open up or shifts in staffing that make it possible for us to bring in someone new to our Academy family. If you think you might be interested in working at ANC someday, please contact one of us so we can put you on our list of people for consideration. If you have a particular area of expertise or interest, please let us know that as well. Hope to hear from you!

Kira Schadegg, Girls School Principal | kira.schadegg@ancss.org | 267.502.2542
Jeremy Irwin, Boys School Principal | jeremy.irwin@ancss.org | 267.502.4565