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Girls School

In 1884, a Girls School that was privately set up by Sarah DeCharms Hibbard was incorporated into the Academy of the New Church, joining the Boys School to create the ANC Secondary Schools.

Today, ANC Girls School continues to provide stellar preparatory education for 9th–12th grade girls. The Girls School gives our girls a nurturing and safe environment in which to grow academically, morally, and spiritually.

The Girls School is a New Church institution, so our students are challenged to grow morally as well as intellectually. We strive to help our students to support one another, behave with integrity, and become confident and charitable female leaders.

Our academic program at the Girls School is designed to provide the best possible education for our girls. As freshmen, girls take mostly single-gender courses, which allows them to excel in the classroom and grow in confidence. As they progress toward graduation, more courses are collaborative (co-educational with the Boys School) allowing our girls to benefit from the complementary perspectives of our Boys School students.

In extracurriculars, our girls are given opportunities to thrive independently—our athletic program is rich and varied and our campus clubs provide all-girls camaraderie. And since we share our purpose, our school pride, and our campus with the Boys School, our girls benefit from cooperation with the boys school students in extracurriculars such as performing arts and community service.

ANC Girls School provides our girls with all the benefits of an all-girls education—from strong female role models to academics tailored specifically for developing female minds. And at the same time, our collaboration with the Boys School allows us to offer our girls all the advantages of a co-ed environment—from camaraderie to a shared school pride.

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Principal's Message

I am honored to be the Principal of the Girls School because we offer an education that you will find no other place. Our mission is to prepare girls to achieve their full academic potential and pursue useful and principled lives by providing an education that is spiritually grounded in the teachings of he New Church. The Faculty and staff provide an intellectually stimulating and emotionally enriching environment in order that our students may develop confidence, critical thinking, leadership, creativity and responsibility. 

At the Academy of the New Church we have the best of both worlds. In our all­-girls classes we provide our students with an environment that is safe, nurturing, and supportive, where they can be themselves and thrive academically. Through the indefatigable efforts of our faculty, we create supportive classrooms where girls are expected to ask questions, express their ideas, be involved in discussion and work to their potential. We strive to provide all our girls with a place where they are encouraged to excel and to stretch academically without the distraction of boys.

In our co­-ed classes we strive to show how each gender thinks differently and at the same time there is a complementary nature of the genders. The faculty and staff strive to model for our students an appreciation for feminine wisdom and ways of thinking with respect for masculine wisdom and ways of thinking.

We believe that we are are helping to grow potential angels. This is vital work. Because of this, we care primarily about the spiritual welfare of our students. We attempt to give our girls the tools they will need to navigate this world and its challenges. But we never lose sight of the fact that we want to prepare them for their life in the next world by helping them develop deep and lasting moral foundations that can lead to spiritual foundations as they mature.

I have the best job in the world because I get to work in a place that unabashedly declares that this is our goal!

Kira R. Schadegg 
Principal, ANC Girls School