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One of the main reasons the ANC Secondary Schools function in a smooth and charitable fashion is the quality of our student leaders. Participation in Student Government is an honor and a great responsibility. It gives our students an advanced opportunity to hone their leadership skills, and impresses upon them the duty and humility that go along with governance.

Factores and Student Council members act as the student representatives of ANC. They work together to promote a lively school atmosphere, to communicate between administration and the student body, and to help include every ANC student in the life of of the school. At the same time, Factores and Student Council each operate independently, tasked with specifically meeting the needs of the Girls School and the Boys School, respectively.

Student Government members are chosen each spring.* Some positions, such as Factores President and Student Council President, are elected by the student body, while others are chosen by the constituents of the represented population (for example, Junior Class Representatives are chosen by the members of the Junior Class). A variety of clubs and organizations on campus have representatives on Student Government, including our social campus clubs (Alpha Kappa Mu, DEKA, Phi Alpha, and Sigma Delta Pi), our online campus newspaper (The Academian), and our community service organization (Delta Mu).

*With the exception of the freshman class representatives, who are elected in the fall by the incoming freshman classes of the Girls School and the Boys School.

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