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Dress Code | Boys School Dress Code

The Boys School believes that honoring the expectations of personal presentation is a function of self-discipline. We know that the ordering of our external appearance can have important impact on the ordering of our internal states. Our hope is that students and staff can work together to support the Boys School’s expectations that allow students a significant degree of freedom in terms of clothing styles while also upholding a standard that can help to establish pride and purpose.

Clothing should be modest and clean—without wrinkles, tears, fraying, stains, and patches—and it must fit properly. While attending class, students should wear dress pants, dress shirts or golf/polo shirts, socks, and leather shoes. All clothing should be solid muted colors—no stripes, checks, window panes, tattersalls, or herringbones. Please no metallic or neon colors. Specific expectations are provided in the sections that follow.

Students should dress in an exemplary and appropriate manner when representing ANC on a team, a trip, or for special events, etc. The Principal, coaches, teachers, and advisors will set the standard.

Dress expectations are in effect when in the classroom buildings. Students should be properly attired before entering classroom buildings and at all times until the end of the school day.

If a student chooses not to support the dress expectations by failing to abide by the expectations, he will be assigned detention and/or forfeit privileges as a consequence. Students who continually choose not to support the dress expectations may be suspended or expelled.

Students may request from the Principal or Assistant Principal special occasion-specific considerations for clubs, teams, and special events.

The Principal and Assistant Principal reserve the right to adjust specific items of the dress expectations and the special standards as necessary and warranted to maintain order and a sphere conducive to education and the principles of the Academy. All decisions regarding what is permissible in regards to individual articles are at the discretion of the Principal and Assistant Principal.

If a student is unsure about the expectations or has questions about a particular item, he should speak with the Principal or Assistant Principal before purchasing/wearing the item.

Official Boys School Uniform

All boys are required to have an official Boys School uniform, comprised of:

  • A pair of black dress pants
  • A long-sleeved white dress shirt
  • A pair of black socks
  • A pair of leather shoes
  • An official, crested, red ANC sweater.

Boys School students wear this uniform for the Charter Day procession, graduation ceremony, and other special events.

Sweaters are available through our storefront with Lands End at:

To order: Click on the Boys School tab > select Sweater > click on the red sweater and place your order. The crest will be added automatically once you make your size selection and put the item in your bag for checkout.

Academic Day

School-issued ID must be worn and visibly displayed on a lanyard or belt clip on the front of the body at all times during the school day.


Acceptable dress pants have two main front pockets and one or two back pockets, no more than that. We accept what are referred to as twills, chinos, wool pants, and widewale and finewale corduroys. Only solid, muted colors are acceptable. Leather or canvas belts must be worn with pants made with belt loops. Suspenders of a solid, muted color may be worn (properly) in place of a belt.

Unacceptable Pants

No jeans or denim of any color or kind. No cargo pants, military fatigues, overalls, sweatpants or other athletic wear, nothing with a drawstring tie. No zippers other than the fly. No underwear should be visible. Bright or patterned fabric is not acceptable.


Dress shirts and polo or golf shirts are acceptable. Oxfords, twills, pinpoints, and broadcloths are all acceptable as long as they are a single, solid color. They may be short-sleeved or long-sleeved with button-down or straight collars. Only solid, muted colors are acceptable. The polo shirts can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved with a hemmed or banded sleeve. They can have a single pocket or no pocket at all. Only solid, muted colors are acceptable. All shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Unacceptable Shirts

No logos of any kind unless the shirt is an officially sanctioned shirt sold in the ANC School Store. No turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks, t-shirts, flannels, henleys, athletic apparel, denim, or chambrays. No patterns. Everything must be a solid, muted color; no metallic, neon or glow in the dark colors and shades. No undershirt should be visible with the exception of possibly a little bit at the front of the neck. 


Soft or polished formal leather shoes (e.g. oxfords, wingtips, derbys, formal penny loafers) are acceptable. Shoes can be either brown or black. Brown is defined as the color of "dark wood or rich soil" and that is the spirit of the expectation. Cordovan is not within the spirit of the expectation as it is considered a rich shade of burgundy and a dark shade of rose--both of which are a variant of red. Shoes designed to have laces must have them tied. Laces and soles should be brown or black. We ask that the soles be non-marking. Black, brown, or gray boat shoes are permitted.

Unacceptable Shoes

No boots of any kind. Nothing that resembles a sneaker. Administration will determine what looks like a sneaker and what is acceptable. No flip-flops or any kind of beach shoe. No slippers, moccasins, hiking shoes, or heelless clogs. No canvas shoes. No sandals or sneakers (except in August/September and May/June. More details will follow.) No multicolored shoes, including colors on the soles. Shoes with minor shade varation of the same color may be acceptable at the discretion of administration. Formal brown shoes may have a solid black sole. No Velcro except for students with specific disabilities. On bad weather days, students may wear boots to school but must change to acceptable shoes prior to homeroom. If you are unsure or unclear about the acceptability of a particular pair of shoes, we strongly encourage you to contact the Assistant Principal prior to making a purchase.


Socks must be worn with shoes. Socks must be visible when wearing shoes. Dress, cotton, or wool ragg, and fleece socks are all acceptable. Appropriately patterned socks, when worn with long pants, are acceptable.

Warm Weather Wear

In August and September and later in May and June we allow students to wear appropriate warm weather clothing as noted below. Only solid, muted colors are acceptable. Cargo pockets are acceptable. Students may wear sandals. The sandals must have a heel strap and be either black or brown. Students may also wear sneakers with socks. Socks worn with short pants must not have a visible pattern and must be either solid white, solid gray, or solid black. A small, appropriate logo is acceptable.

Unacceptable Warm Weather Wear

No "short" shorts, athletic wear, cut-offs, or beach wear. No denim of any color. No zippers other than the fly.

Cold Weather Wear

Though our buildings are heated, they are old and can be drafty. The rooms can get cold during the winter months. To stay warm, students can wear fleeces or v-neck, crewneck, and cardigan sweaters. V-neck and crewneck vests are also acceptable. Only solid, muted colors are acceptable. Sweaters may also be argyle. Students may also wear ANC school, club, and team sweatshirts on Fridays and exam days, but they may not wear the sweatshirts with the hoods up.

Unacceptable Cold Weather Wear

No sweatshirts that are unrelated to ANC. No coats or jackets of any kind. No turtlenecks. No patterns or logos. No shirts or undershirts should be hanging out below sweaters, fleeces, and sweatshirts. Acceptable shirts must be worn underneath acceptable cold weather wear.

Heads and Facial Hair

No hats or hoods may be worn in school.

Facial hair must be manicured. Adminstration will judge the acceptability of beards or mustaches.

Hair should be off the shoulders. It should be clean, groomed, out of the face, and its natural color. Please no pony tails, spikes, buns, or bizarre fashions. Headbands, bobby pins, and other fasteners are unacceptable. We will ask students with multi-colored, bleached, or dyed hair to cut their hair very short and let it grow out in its natural color.

No visible piercing for body jewelry other than the ears. Students may wear appropriate, simple studs or small loops. Gauges must not exceed 4G | 5mm | 3/16"

Physical Education Uniform

Each boy in the Boys School will be required to demonstrate ownership (in respectable condition) or purchase the following physical education uniform: 

  • ANC sweatshirt (optional)
  • ANC sweatpants (optional)
  • 2 gray ANC shirts
  • 2 pairs of red ANC shorts
  • 2 athletic supporters
  • Sneakers (no black soles)
  • White athletic socks
Dance/Formal Event Wear

Dances and formal events are an opportunity to "dress up" and enjoy mutually respectful social engagement.

  • A suit or sports coat with dress slacks, a dress shirt and a tie. No jeans.
  • Shoes should be hard soled. No athletic shoes or work boots.  
  • As required by state law shoes must be worn at all times at the dance.
  • No baseball caps or informal hats.
  • Attire should be neat and clean, somewhere between "semiformal" and "dress casual."
Dress Down Days

From time-to-time ANC will offer Dress Down Days in order to raise funds for charitable causes. Students wishing to participate in a Dress Down Day must make the suggested monetary donation on time.  Participating students may wear the following on Dress Down Days:

  • ANC Boys School school, club, or team sweatshirts, t-shirts, or jerseys
  • Polos, oxfords, henleys, sweaters, or t-shirts with stripes or patterns
  • Blank t-shirts
  • Blue jeans
  • Sneakers
  • Clean boots  

What is NOT acceptable on Dress Down Days:

  • Dirty or ripped clothing of any kind
  • Jackets
  • Shirts with non-ANC related slogans or images 
  • Sweatpants or athletic pants/shorts
  • Slides or flip-flops
School Spirit Days

We are proud of our school and in an effort to show that pride, we have made each Friday and Exam Day (at the close of each marking period) a School Spirit Day. School Spirit Days allow the students the opportunity to wear ANC school, club, and team apparel. The boys are permitted to wear the following:

  • ANC sweatshirts and rugby shirts (sold in the School Store)
  • Phi Alpha and Sigma Delta Pi polos and sweatshirts
  • Boys School sports teams polos and sweatshirts

What is NOT acceptable on School Spirit Days:

  • T-shirts or jackets
  • Athletic jerseys (unless given specific permisison by administration)
  • Athletic shorts or pants
  • School, club, or team hats

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