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Alpha Kappa Mu

Alpha Kappa Mu is our girls club for day students. Alpha Kappa Mu—commonly referred to as the AKM—provides a strong community of sisterhood for girls living in the surrounding community.

As day students, the girls in the AKM take responsibility for engaging the community in school events. The entire community is invited to watch Telegrams in De Charms Hall. In addition to this and many other club events, the AKM hosts an annual Sadie Hawkins dance for the student body in the winter. In the fall, new members of the club are welcomed at the annual club bonding retreat in the Catskills. 


The DEKA is our girls club for boarding students. Founded in 1907, the DEKA was the first of the four ANC campus clubs and throughout its long history it has unwaveringly promoted sisterhood in Glenn Hall, our girls dormitory.

DEKA meets regularly as a club and has a reputation for their strong club bond. Throughout the year they host a number of events, including inviting children in the surrounding community to trick-or-treat from dorm room to dorm room in Glenn Hall.

A highlight of the DEKA year is the Spring DEKA Carnival, to which the girls invite the entire community for an afternoon of treats, face painting, games, and prizes. Each fall the DEKA hosts a tea during Charter Day Weekend (our homecoming weekend in October) for all DEKA alumni. 

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