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The general purposes of social life at the Academy are (1) to teach, strengthen, and enjoy all the moral virtues; (2) to help the students come to know one another, make friends, and develop a sense of New Church community; (3) to support academic work by providing needed recreation for the students.

Social Events

Regulations governing preparation for and conduct at parties, dances, and other social affairs by students are available from the principal or class, club, or group faculty advisor. Student leaders of these various organizations are responsible to secure copies of these regulations. Live or recorded music for school-sponsored events are to be approved by the Head Chaperone(s). Chaperones control volume levels and will censor songs with questionable lyrics. Deviation from approved playlists may result in disciplinary action.


School-sponsored events are for students of the Girls School or Boys School. A student must ask his or her respective principal for permission to invite others and will need to complete the School Event Guest Form, available from the respective school secretary, in the "Resources for Parents" section of this website, or by clicking here.


All school-sponsored trips and events require faculty chaperonage or other faculty-designated chaperonage. Any private social event to which boarding students are invited must have adequate adult chaperonage. We request that at least one adult female and one male chaperone are present when boys and girls are participating in an event together. Unless otherwise stated, we expect students to arrive at a school-sponsored event within the first half-hour of the start time. Permission to leave early from an event should be secured from the chaperone(s) in charge. Once an attendee leaves an event he/she will not be permitted to return without prior permission from a chaperone. Any deviations from the above policy are to be made by the head chaperone of the event. Those wishing to invite boarding students to a private party or trip are asked to call the Houseparent. Adequate adult chaperonage will be necessary. 

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