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Physicals Exams
All students, new and returning, must submit and new and complete physical yearly. For new students, the physical must be submitted by June 30th. For returning students, the physical must be obtained after May 1, and must be submitted to the Doering Health Clinic by August 1 of the new school year.

No student will be permitted to come on campus to participate in any activity, including entering the dormitory, participating in sports or any orientation events unless the physical is complete and has been submitted according to the schedule above.

Medical Insurance

ANC requires all students to be covered by comprehensive medical insurance while enrolled at the school. Parents must submit a copy of the current insurance coverage card every year, or any time that coverage changes. All expenses incurred for medicine, visits to a physician or specialist, testing, and emergency care and transportation are the sole responsibility of parents.

Parents of out-of-state dorm students are strongly advised to call their insurance company before the start of the school year, to determine whether their insurance will cover in Pennsylvania. Medicaid coverage from other states is not acceptable as primary insurance as it will not cover anything short of emergency care.

If a student is injured during an official school event (such as sports), ANC has accident insurance that acts as a secondary policy to the student’s primary insurance. Though the school initiates the claim, parents must complete the claim form and communicate directly with the company to be considered for coverage. The school is not responsible to communicate with the insurance company about claims in process, or to directly pay medical expenses incurred by students during school activities.

Use of Medications

Use of medications by day students during the school day, and by dorm students while residing on campus are governed by “Medications on Campus” policy. All parents and students should know the terms of this policy. You can read the policy by clicking here.

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