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Student Government

At ANC we have two student government organizations: Factores is the Girls School student government organization and Student Council is the Boys School student government organization. Candidates for student government offices should want to serve and be able to do so without sacrificing their academic responsibilities.

Students cannot run for or be appointed to a major office if they are on academic or disciplinary probation or have been suspended during the school year.

A student forfeits his/her position if the student is suspended or placed on either disciplinary or academic probation. In addition, a student may not run for an office if he/she is on probation or has a grade below 60 or a weighted grade point average below 2.67 in the previous term.

Community Service

At ANC we recognize the need to educate our students beyond the listings in the Curriculum Guide. To educate the whole student for his or her life after high school, we seek to provide opportunities to learn through service to others. Delta Mu, our community service program, encourages students to become involved in serving needs outside the school. We encourage involvement and will note community service on a student’s transcript.

Campus Clubs

We have four campus clubs: Alpha Kappa Mu for Girls School day students, Deka for Girls School boarding students, Phi Alpha for Boys School boarding students, and Sigma Delta Pi for Boys School day students.

The clubs invite all sophomores, juniors, and seniors to join at the beginning of each school year. Boarding students are also invited as freshmen. The clubs sponsor trips, dances, parties, dinners, and a variety of social activities throughout the school year. The purpose of the clubs is to foster a spirit of charity, cooperation, and friendship within the Girls and Boys Schools in order to promote working together for mutual uses and a healthy social life. The Principals and Club Advisors must give permission for soliciting funds for dues, group purchases, or other projects.

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