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Handbook | Behavior

Students should conduct themselves appropriately at all times, adhering to civil and moral laws and expectations. ANC is a religiously-oriented private school and behavior expectations are understandably higher than one may find elsewhere.

Cooperation Agreement

Parents and students are required to review and adhere to the expctations outlined in the "Parent, Student and School Cooperation Agreement."

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas and passing them off as one’s own. Plagiarism is a very serious offense involving academic dishonesty. Proper citation must be used in: all word-for-word quotes; summarized or paraphrased passages; drawings, charts, tables which are not original to the student; statistics not original to the student; theories or interpretations not original to the student, definitions, and key words. The teacher of each course will outline his/her policy concerning what is acceptable and what might be considered cheating.

Classroom Expectations

We expect students to stand when the teacher or any other adult enters the classroom and when the bell signals the start of class. This is an ANC tradition and demonstrates respect for the position of the teacher and the sphere of learning. Each teacher will define other expected classroom behavior. We ask students to cooperate to create a proper environment for instruction. Teachers will deal with behavioral infractions in consultation with the Principal or Assistant Principal. Behaviors such as chewing gum, sleeping, eating without permission, unauthorized technology usage, and repeated distraction may result in ejection from the class period. A student who represents a regular distraction may be removed from the course entirely.

Students should remain quiet in the hallways before, during, between, and after classes and exams. 

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment of students, employees, or applicants for employment or enrollment at ANC is prohibited. Sexual harassment is a violation of not only the law but also the religious teachings for the New Church. ANC's policy may be secured upon request from the Girls School Principal, Boys School Principal, or the Managing Director.

Hazing Policy

Hazing involving students, student groups or any individuals at the Academy of the New Church (the “School”) is strictly prohibited. The full anti-hazing policy is available here. 

Public Displays of Affection

At ANC, we strive to create a healthy atmosphere for girls and boys to interact in a mutually respectful manner. In order to uphold an atmosphere of kind regard and courteous morality, words and actions that are considered unkind, immodest, or immoral are not allowed at ANC. We encourage modesty and morality by discouraging the public displays of affection listed here and similar actions: kissing, hand holding, sexually suggestive dancing (including, but not limited to grinding, twerking, and hug dancing), heads resting in laps, sitting on laps, back rubs, lingering embraces, and cuddling.

Substance Use

Possession or use of alcohol or illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Possession or use of nicotine delivery systems (e.g. cigarettes or nicotine patches) or inhalant devices (e.g. e-cigarettes, e-vapor units, vape pens, and similar items) are prohibited on campus and at school events or functions. Note: Administrative exceptions may be requested due to legitimate medical concerns.


Weapons are prohibited on campus and at school events or functions.

Headphones and Earbuds

Much of what makes the ANC experience so meaningful is the regular positive interactions between the people on our campus. We strive to encourage effective social engagement and to this end, earbuds and earphones for personal use are not allowed on campus during the academic day (between arrival and sixth period dismissal, including traveling to, being in, and traveling from the Dining Hall) unless specifically allowed/required by a specific teacher for a specific purpose for a specific location and period of time.

Cell Phones

Cell phone usage is prohibited during class without explicit permission. Individual teachers provide a cell phone policy specific to each course. The goal is to encourage students to be fully present in the learning and social environment while minimizing distractions and cheating. 

Unauthorized Recording

Capturing still images/photos, audio, and/or video in any format during classroom activities without permission is prohibited. Students should not record pictures, audio, or video of staff or other students without their permission. Unless permission is requested and granted, visual or audio recording is prohibited. This includes photos, “snaps,” “tweets,” and all other forms of recording audio or visual media.


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