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ANC Boys Take Friends LAX Title

Jesse Frazier put the Lions in the lead, 9-8, with five minutes left, and Shane McCurdy scored the insurance goal two minutes later, with an assist from sophomore James Vandegrift. Frazier, a junior, scored 5 goals; Vandegrift had two goals and four assists.

It was a turn-around year for the Lions under first year head coach Rob Forster. Last season ANC struggled through a 5-13 record. The Lions defense came up big toward the end of the game to secure the 10-8 victory against Westtown.



Performing Arts Camp Scheduled For June

ANC Performing Arts Camp offers an exciting theatrical experience for current 6th, 7th & 8th graders culminating in a performance of Disney Junior's "The Little Mermaid." Our professional group of teachers will lead your child through the process of blocking, vocal production, learning choreography and character development. The camp is held in the state-of-the-art Mitchell Performing Arts Center located on the ANC campus and will run Wednesday, June 18 to Friday, June 27 2014, with the final performances Saturday, June 28.



Rak Hustling off the Court as well as on

Rakeem Christmas is setting an example off the court as well as on by accelerating his studies and finishing his degree in three years. Rak will graduate this May with a Bachelors degree, but will still be eligible to play next year, as he gets a start on graduate work.



ANC Alums Named Scholar Athletes

Alec Horan was named a 2014 Division III Scholar-All American by the National Wrestling Coaches Association. Horan is a senior at Delaware Valley College, where he is studying Business. He has recorded 22 wins this season, wrestling at 165 lbs.

At ANC, recalls his wrestling coach Eyvind Boyesen, Alec likewise applied himself across the board. He wrestled for Boyesen all four years of high school, and served as co-captain of the team, as well as engaging in other sports, applying himself to his studies, and starring in musical productions. This past summer, Horan did an internship with the Department of Homeland Security.

Kate Duggan (ANC 2011) was named 2013 National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) Division III Academic Squad. This is the third time she has won that distinction. Kate, who was Senior Class President at ANC, is currently a junior at Washington College.



A Miracle Indeed

The week of ANC’s Christmas show Miracle on 34th Street defines the original and literal meaning of the adage, "deal with it." Three Days before Opening Night, one of our actors loses her voice and cannot speak above a whisper. Solution? Body mic and hope it comes back. Opening Night, one of the actors is sick and cannot attend, the first time at ANC in at least 15 years that a speaking role has not been able to make a performance. Solution? Have the same actor who lost her voice, which has luckily returned, amalgamate his speech into her own lines. A lighting instrument decides to freeze, rendering all blackouts moot. Solution? Manually kill every light each blackout, making it much more difficult for stagehands to execute their tirelessly choreographed scenery changes.

After the curtain falls on opening night, the directors, cast, and crew breathe a sigh of relief, believing these complications to be in their rearview mirror. They are mistaken. Sunday Matinee: The faux snow that graced the stage in the final scene has moved outside and become very, very real and makes some roads impassable. Attempted solution? Send out another actor and a crew member in a four-wheel drive to defy the wintry mix. The weather mocks back, stranding the would-be rescuers. Solution? Three actors from the cast step up and fill in with such conviction that the audience does not know they are stand-ins. Other actors pick up the lulls by quick improvisations. The video feed that allows the offstage actors to see the progress on stage becomes irreparably damaged. Solution? An audio speaker is placed in the green room while an actor reads line for line to alert her fellow cast where they are and when they need to make their way to the stage. The snow continues to fall, making the roads far too dangerous to risk fellow students’ lives reaching the cast party. Solution? Our wonderful parents generously schlep food and drink to the theater, ensuring the safety and high spirits of the cast.

In conclusion, when choosing a theatrical show, beware any with the word “miracle” in the title - you may just need one to pull it off. Thank you to each and every one involved (students, faculty, parents, volunteers, and audience members) who helped make this miracle come true.


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