Our Core Values
  1. The New Church teachings guide us and are the foundation of our programs.
  2. We prepare our students to grow spiritually, morally, academically, physically, socially, and artistically.
  3. We honor and nurture the unique and complementary nature of each gender.
  4. We are passionate about promoting what is best for each student.
  5. We engage our students in lives of social responsibility.

Our Mission

One School

Our Mission

At ANC, our core purpose is to prepare students for a principled and useful life in this world and the next. We strive to provide our students with opportunities to grow through our religious foundation, challenging academics, and varied extracurriculars.

Education at ANC is based on the teachings for the New Church. We integrate that religion into every one of our courses and ask each student to apply it to their lives. The New Church emphasizes treating others with kindness, recognizing the Lord Jesus Christ as the one God of heaven and Earth, and leading a useful life.

Our Religious Curriculum

Every ANC course challenges students to find a sense of purpose. Whether it is a English class that examines the religious undertones in a text or a science course unafraid to discuss the interplay between faith and evidence, ANC students explore the academic and spiritual elements of subjects.

Religion courses are taught separately in the Girls school and the Boys School. This provides our students with the ability to examine religious topics free from distraction, and to remain focused on the concepts at hand.

Each morning, the Girls School and the Boys School gather together to begin the day with a school-wide chapel service in Benade Hall auditorium. Whether the chapel message is topically relevant—such as a Christmas message in December—or simply provides food for thought, the service gives our students a moment to pause and put things in perspective before the school day commences.

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