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About the Academy of the New Church

The Academy of the New Church is a mission-driven, Middle States accredited, private Girls School and Boys School providing 9th–12th grade education. Our self-motivated students are interested in an academic approach that combines rigorous course work with a uniquely Christian education inspired by the New Church and its fundamental values.

ANC is two schools in one. We have two independent schools—ANC Girls School and ANC Boys School—working collaboratively under the umbrella of a shared purpose. This unique collaboration allows us to provide our students with all the advantages of an all-girls or all-boys classroom environment, while also benefiting from cooperation and camaraderie between genders.

All students at ANC, whether they attend the Girls School or the Boys School, receive a morally grounded, academically rigorous education.

We give our students a strong academic foundation—ANC graduates leave ANC prepared for college and for life. And in addition to being well-rounded in the sciences, the arts, the languages, and mathematics, our students are given confidence and moral clarity that will keep them learning long beyond their years at ANC.

Our students are leaders, thinkers, and hard workers. They go on to study at some of the best colleges and universities in the nation, and are known for their thoughtfulness, their diligence, and their bright attitudes in all they do.


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