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At ANC Boys School our challenging 9th–12th grade academic program is carefully crafted to help boys as they develop over the course of four years at ANC.

Ninth grade students are given a structured course load that includes mostly all-boys classes. Freshman year gives boys a strong foundation of knowledge to build from, with courses such as Latin, Ancient History, English, Introductory Physical Science, and the Fundamentals of Art.

In sophomore year, our curriculum encourages boys to explore their interests and develop their talents. They build on the foundations laid during freshman year, but with more flexibility in their course selections. For example, sophomores can choose to continue their study of Latin or choose to take on a new language; and in the arts, students can select to focus their studies on a single medium—such as photography, drawing, or painting.

Junior year at the Boys School challenges boys to expand their skills beyond the foundational level. A varied curriculum allows students to choose courses appropriate to their interests and skill levels. Students can choose to enroll in honors and advanced placement courses, and can choose electives in math, science, history, religion, visual arts, and the performing arts.

As seniors, Boys School students are challenged to think independently and creatively. In addition to strong offerings in science, math, and languages, our students are encourages to take on independent research and develop original ideas through many of our specialized courses. Students who lean toward the sciences can elect to take physics, chemistry, or ecology in addition to the required Human Anatomy and Physiology course. Students interested in the arts can enroll in Performing Arts Portfolio or Visual Arts Portfolio, which will help them develop a rich and varied portfolio of work. Seniors prepared for a challenge are also invited to participate in our Senior Project course, which challenges them to explore and research their own independent projects, developing them through a paper, a presentation, and a portfolio of work.

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