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This was both a great and a tough season in different ways. The team was made up of twenty-six girls! This was great! And tough! Coach Rogers worked to create two smaller groups and have plenty of playing time for each. This was great! And tough to do! We enjoyed the last year with the last two players -Helen Bochneak and Kyla Rogers- who were part of the very first girls’ ice hockey team five years ago (as 8th graders!). This was great! And tough (to say goodbye!)! We hosted our first ever winter classic at the Jungé Pavilion. This was great! And… we saw less ice-time because of unusually warm weather. And this was tough!

Ultimately, though, the girls did get lots of playing time, and they clearly had fun -whether we won or lost. At 5 wins, 2 ties and 12 losses, we all probably would have preferred to win a bit more, but through it all, they built a relationship with each other over the weeks, and found a good way to work together as a team.

We had some pretty fun, crazy and also challenging memories from the season too: driving through a bit of the Brandywine river on the way to the “cow zamboni rink” at Upland Country Day School; learning of the team’s love of clementines on away games!; encountering the most colorfully-dressed coach ever; getting winter classic t-shirts designed by our own Jenny Zheng; choreographing ice dances at the junior-led practice; lining up in the basement of the field house for yoga with David; playing “sockey” (hockey with a soccer ball) to music on fun Fridays; fitting in both team bowling and watching the boys hockey team win their champs; and, most challenging of all, traveling in bad weather and traffic to our final game, only to watch Kyla get injured in the last 23 seconds of her last high school hockey game.

Building relationships, skills and memories (both the great and the tough) such as these, that’s what it’s all about -helping us to grow and build life experience. We had another fantastic year and we are grateful for this opportunity to be with these amazing girls!


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A few years into our new ice hockey program for girls, and it's going strong. The team has fantastic spirit, and the girls have lots of enthusiasm. Each year has seen an increase in the number of games played, as more and more girls' ice hockey teams are being formed. Whether traveling or playing home games at the outdoor rink at Jungé Pavilion, the girls love their sport, and especially love seeing their dedicated group of fans cheer them on. The girls work hard and have lots of fun along the way. For up-to-date information and game cancellations, call our Sports Hotline: 267-502-4801.

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Scores and Recaps

02/15/17 V ANC 1 v Lansdale Catholic 2

A great final game for ANC, despite the loss. Lansdale grabbed two goals before ANC got on the board in the third period -scored by forward Maggie McCabe, assisted by center Nora Connelly. In this evenly matched game, ANC put plenty of shots on Lansdale's goalie, and played well throughout. Goalie Dara Rogers saved over 90% of shots on net! It was a great season, and we’re already looking forward to next year!

02/14/17 V ANC 2 v Upland Country Day School 4

On Valentine’s Day, the team traveled to the “cow zamboni rink” and started out strong despite the long drive. Early in the first period, forward Adele Allen scored, assisted by center Nora Connelly. Upland tied it up by the end of the first, but then in the second period, co-captain and center Samantha Hill put ANC in the lead once more, assisted by Allen. Then, despite a solid number of shots in the second and third periods, ANC was shut out. Upland scored three more times in the third, ending the game in a loss for ANC, but well-played overall, including by goalie Dara Rogers, who blocked over 80% of shots on net.

02/10/17 ANC 1 v Bryn Athyn Blizzard & Flurries 0

In this second match-up with the local women’s/girls’ teams, ANC took an opportunity to work on effective passing, communicating, and getting in front of the net for rebounds. The team worked great together, especially in re-centering the puck and using defense for multiple scoring chances. The one goal was scored in the second period by forward Maggie McCabe, assisted by co-captain Samantha Hill. It was another shut-out for goalie Dara Rogers! Both teams clearly had fun, and that’s what it’s all about. Final home game is alumni v ANC on Monday, February 13th, at 3:20pm.

02/08/17 V ANC 1 v JV Lawrenceville School 1

ANC hosted Lawrenceville on an unnaturally warm day (66º!) and the teams struggled to play on wet, slushy ice, but managed admirably. Neither team scored until Lawrenceville got a breakaway halfway through the second period -their one attempt that got past Goalie Dara Rogers, who saved about 90% of Lawrenceville’s shots. ANC’s one goal came in just a few minutes before the end of the game, thanks to defense Megan McQueen who powered one in, unassisted, on her own breakaway. ANC also honored seniors at this home game, and we’re sad to be saying goodbye to these four integral team members -Isabella DeMaria, Astri Hernandez, Samantha Hill, and Katie Will. ANC will be have two final home events at Jungé Pavilion: a scrimmage with the local girls’/women’s team on Friday, 10th February, at 3:30, and then the first-ever ANC v faculty/alumnae game on Monday, 13th February, at 3:20. Come on out and cheer them all on!

02/04/17 V ANC 5 v Avon Grove 3

ANC wins! We traveled down to The Pond in DE, and, once the team woke up, they just kept scoring. Defense Ursula Friesen started out with an unassisted goal near the end of the first period, and center Nora Connelly quickly followed up with another, assisted by forward Adele Allen. Then co-captain and center Samantha Hill came through with one in the second period, unassisted. ANC finished out the third period with another unassisted goal by Friesen and then a final goal by Hill, assisted by forward Hope Cochran. Goalie Dara Rogers was her usual unflappable self, even when being faced with a 3 on 4 penalty kill. It was a physical game, with several penalties, but overall the team had a lot of fun and was excited for this solid win.

01/30/17 V ANC 3 v Kent Place School 7

ANC traveled to the Prudential Center to take on Kent Place one more time. Both teams managed overall fewer shots on net than at their last game together, but it was a great game, especially during the first period where both teams scored and ANC consistently kept putting on the pressure. The first two goals were scored first by forward Kate McCarren, assisted by forward Hope Cochran and center Co-Captain Samantha Hill, and then by Hill, scoring the second herself, with an assist from forward Adele Allen. ANC lost some steam in the second period, managing only one shot on net, but also letting in only one goal from Kent Place. In the third, ANC outshot Kent Place again, and earned one last goal -by forward Maggie McCabe, assisted by Hill and defense Megan McQueen. Goalie Dara Rogers blocked about two-thirds of shots on net. Last two home games will be on Wednesday, 8 February and Friday 10 February, both at 3:30pm. Help them finish out the year strong -they love to see their fans!

01/27/17 ANC 6 v Bryn Athyn Blizzard & Flurries 0

Center Co-Captain Samantha Hill started out ANC’s scoring, assisted by forward Hope Cochran and defense Megan McQueen. ANC’s remaining goals came in during the second period, started off by McQueen, getting an assist from goalie Dara Rogers, followed by Hill, assisted by forwards Maggie McCabe and Astri Hernandez; then forward Kate McCarren snagged one, assisted by Hill and defense Co-Captain Isabella DeMaria; next up, Hernandez grabbed one of her own, assisted by McCabe and Hill; finally, Cochran tossed one in unassisted. Goalie Rogers got her second shut-out of the season! The team passed the puck well and had a lot of fun in this match-up with the local girls’ and women’s teams. Final two home games will be on Wednesday, 8 February and Friday 10 February, both at 3:30pm. Come cheer them on!

01/25/17 V ANC 5 v JV Lawrenceville School 2

ANC started strong in this away game, getting 3 goals in the first few minutes. Forward Adele Allen started the trend, assisted by center Captain Samantha Hill, followed by Hill getting one of her own, assisted in turn by Allen. Next up it was forward Maggie McCabe, assisted by defense Megan McQueen. The team backed off a bit for the second period, and Lawrenceville scored. Then ANC really put the pressure back on in the third period, and defense McQueen skated straight up the ice with the puck and tossed one in unassisted. The team finished out their scoring with a final one from McCabe, assisted by Hill. Lawrenceville managed to get one more, but with the help of defense and centers, goalie Dara Rogers blocked their other attempts, saving almost 85% of shots on net. Next home game is Friday, 27 January, at 3:30pm. Come see how they do against Bryn Athyn’s own Blizzard and Flurries!

01/18/17 V ANC 1 v Upland Country Day School 5

The score doesn’t demonstrate just how evenly matched these two teams were, or how exciting this game was! ANC took a healthy number of shots on net, tried to work the rebounds, but only came up with one goal -handily tossed in by co-captain and center, Samantha Hill, on a breakout rush during the second period. Upland, for their part, managed to create a lot of traffic in front of ANC’s net, and came away with 5 goals. Goalie Dara Rogers was well-supported by offense and an especially strong defense, and she blocked almost 80% of shots on goal. ANC’s next home game is Friday, 27th January, at 3:30pm. They’d love to see you!

01/17/17 V ANC 0 v Pingry School 6

After back-to-back games with no practices between, and a busy weekend, ANC had a tough time holding up against this strong team. Despite that, during this game, the girls dramatically improved their ability to break out of their zone -they should be proud of improving their teamwork so well under pressure. Kudos also to goalie Dara Rogers, who saved almost 85% of the 36 shots on net! Our next home game is Friday, 27th January, at 3:30pm. Come on out and support this great team!

01/14/17 V ANC 3 v Lansdale Catholic 4

What an exciting championship game! ANC girls played strong and with heart the whole game. Center Samantha Hill kicked off the scoring toward the end of the first period, assisted by forward Maggie McCabe and defense Megan McQueen. ANC found itself in the lead early in the 3rd period with two more goals -one from McCabe, assisted by Hill and then a final goal by Hill, assisted by McQueen. Lansdale quickly tied it up and then took over the lead almost right after. Despite being outshot 14 to 25, 3 of ANC’s 14 shots went into the net! The championship could’ve gone either way, and ANC girls should be proud of how they played. Goalie Dara Rogers saved almost 85% of shots on net, and was actively supported by both defense and offense throughout the game. ANC has 2 home games coming up -come out and cheer them on! The first is Tuesday, Jan 17th at 4:30 and the next is Wednesday, Jan 18th at 4:45.

01/13/17 V ANC 7 v Lower Merion 0

A decisive win for ANC girls in this opening game of the Winter Class Tournament. Defense Megan McQueen kicked off the scoring, with a strong unassisted goal, near the beginning of the first period. Then ANC snagged three more in quick succession -starting with center Samantha Hill, assisted by fellow forward Maggie McCabe, then newcomer forward Katherine Hyatt tossed one in, assisted by center Nora Connelly, and finally Connelly scored with an assist by Hyatt. ANC girls continued to dominate the ice but eased off somewhat, finishing the game with three more goals, two of them coming from newcomer forward Adele Allen -first assisted by Connelly and defense Victoria Kline, then assisted by McQueen and Kline again. Center Hill also scored one more time, assisted by McCabe and Kline. And Goalie Dara Rogers’ shutout was well-earned!! The girls used the opportunity to work on passing and other skills, and had a great time doing it. Congratulations to all for a solid game!

01/11/17 V ANC 3 v Kent Place School 6

ANC’s second game of the season, and the team played hard straight through. ANC outshot Kent Place 31 to 28, taking almost half of those during the second period. The team saw those shots pay off when Freshman Hope Cochran snagged the first goal in the second period. After another dry spell, Junior Nora Connelly scored the next with Sophomore Maggie McCabe assisting towards the end of the third. McCabe took a turn for herself for the final goal, with Connelly assisting. The team improved steadily in getting in front of the net for rebounds and moving their feet, despite being tired from plenty of play time. Goalie Dara Rogers saved over 70% of shots on net. Congratulations, team! Come cheer ANC girls on -they have 4 home games in the next week, the first on Friday, 13 January at 3:45pm

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