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The character of the 2016 ANC Boys Lacrosse Team was marked by brotherhood and resiliency. Beginning with offseason workouts and continuing throughout the season, athletes grew into teammates, honed technical skills, and learned to put the team before self. The seniors and captains held their teammates responsible for bringing an intense, disciplined approach everyday to improve as lacrosse players and young men while parents and the ANC Boys Lacrosse faithful never failed to show their support.

The season commenced with another successful spring break lacrosse trip to Florida in which one scrimmage was played against a nationally a ranked opponent. Though we came away with a loss, the nonetheless promising performance whetted our appetite for competition and only fueled our practice efforts. As the season progressed, several athletes were asked to step into new and larger roles and by the end of the season all of the cogs came together to produce a 16-3 record and another Friends School League championship team, our third consecutive championship. Five athletes, Eric Carr, David Closterman, Pat Kolb, Hayden Trautmann, and James Vandegrift, were named First Team All-Friends School League while another two, Bryson Rhee and Tom Villante, garnered FSL Honorable Mention honors. In addition, Carr and Vandegrift, were selected to the PA All-State team with Vandegrift also earning All-America honors, the first ANC boys lacrosse player to gain such recognition.

Though the season has come to an end, and by most accounts can be considered a success, the team looks forward to improving as athletes and individuals with a disciplined heart.


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The ANC Boys Lacrosse team is known for their tireless and unselfish attitude. They work hard as a team as they offer strong competition in the Friends School League. For up-to-date information and game cancellations, call our Sports Hotline: 267-502-4801.

Friends School League Schedule and Results

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Forster Named Head Coach

Rob Forster, former Varsity Offensive Coach for LaSalle College Highschool, has been named head coach for the ANC Lions. He will also be running the summer sports camp programs at the Academy.

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Scores and Recaps

5/16/18 ANC 9 vs. Hun 8

ANC advances to the National Prep semifinals and will play #1 in the country Culver Academy.
Wil Vandegrift 2 goals. Jeb Brenfleck 1 goal. Andrew Lapenta 2 goals 1 assist. Joe Paterno 1 goal. Dave Closterman 1 goal. John Veit 1 assist. Kevin Vandegrift 1 goal. Griff McGinley 12 saves.

5/11/18 ANC 13 vs. Shipley 9

Jeb Brenfleck 6 goals 1 assist. Andrew Lapenta 1 goal 2 assists. Joe Paterno 1 goal 1 assist. Dave Closterman 3 goals 4 assists. Wil Vandegrift 1 assist. Ricky Amorim 1 goal. Hunter Jaronski 1 goal. Griffin Mcginley 13 saves.

5/8/18 ANC 7 vs. GA 4

Jeb Brenfleck 2 goals. Andrew Lapenta 2 goals. Dave Closterman 2 assists. Hunter Jaronski 1 assist. Wil Vandegrift 1 goal 1 assist. John Veit 2 goals. Griff McGinley 7 saves.

5/4/18 ANC 15 Westtown 4

Jeb Brenfleck 4 goals 2 assists
Andrew Lapenta 2 goals 1 assist
Joe Paterno 2 goals
Dave Closterman 1 goal 7 assists
Hunter Jaronski 1 assist
Wil Vandegrift 1 goal 2 assists
Erik Lindrooth 1 assist
Kevin Vandegrift 1 goal
Drew Carr 3 goals
Yates Pendelton 1 goal
Griff McGinley 9 saves.

5/2/18 ANC 9 vs. Springside CHA 2

Jeb Brenfleck 1 goal 3 assists
Andrew Lapenta 1 assist
Joe Paterno 2 goals
Dave Closterman 3 goals 1 assist
Wil Vandegrift 1 assist
John Veit 1 goal.
Erik Lindrooth 1 goal.l
Kevin Vandegrift 1 goal
Griff McGinley 7 saves

5/1/18 ANC 18 vs. George school 4

Wil Vandegrift 1 goal 5 assists.
Andrew Lapenta 2 goals.
Joe Paterno 2 goals 1 assist.
Dave Closterman 1 goal 1 assist.
John Veit 1 goal.
Erik Lindrooth 1 goal.
Ricky Amorim 1 goal.
Zack Brenfleck 1 goal.
Drew Carr 2 goals 3 assists.
Jordan Wilson 1 goal.
Yates Pendelton 2 goals.
Max Fink 3 goals 1 assist.
Colin Trost 1 assist.

4/28/18 ANC 3 vs. Downingtown East 2

Jeb Brenfleck 2 goals.
Dave Closterman 1 goal.
Griff McGinley 7 saves

4/26/18 ANC - 7 vs Princeton day - 6
4 overtime’s

Andrew Lapenta 2 goals overtime winner from Closterman . Joe Paterno 1 goal. Dave Closterman had 2 goals 4 assists. Wil Vandegrift 2 goals. John Veit 1 assist. Griffin McGinley 8 saves.

4/24/18 ANC 13 vs. Shipley 6

Jeb Brenfleck 3 goals 1 assist. Andrew Lapenta 1 goal 1 assist. Joe Paterno 2 goal. Dave Closterman 3 goals. John Veit 2 goals 3 assists. Wil Vandegrift 2 assists. Drew Carr 1 goal. Kevin Vandegrift 1 goal.

Griff McGinley 7 saves.

4-21-18 ANC 6 vs. CB East 5

Jeb Brenfleck 1 goal and 1 assist
Andrew Lapenta 1 goal
Joe Paterno 1 assist
Dave Closterman 2 goals 1 assist
Wil Vandegrift 1 goal 1 assist
Kevin Vandegrift 1 goal.
Griffin McGinley 12 saves.

ANC JV - 7 vs. Central Bucks East JV - 6

Max Fink 2g
Jordan Wilson 2g
Colin Trost 1g
Nandin Rhodes 1g
Sam van Zyverden 1g
Dante DeMaria 10 saves

4-20-18 ANC - 15 vs Morestown friends - 2

Dave Closterman had 3 goals and 3 assists. Jeb Brenfleck had 2 goals and 5 assists. Andrew Lapenta had 2 goals. Joey Paterno had 4 goals and 1 assist. Wil Vandegrift had 1 assist. John Veit had 1 assist. Drew Carr had 3 goals and 2 assists. Erik Lindrooth had 1 goal.

4-17-18 ANC - 10 vs Perkiomen Valley - 1

Dave Closterman 3 goals and 3 assists. Andrew Lapenta 2 goals
Drew Carr 1 goal
John Veit 1 goal and 1 assist
Wil Vandegrift 1 goal
Joe Paterno 2 goals
Jeb Brenfleck 2 assists

Griffin McGinley 10 saves.

3/31/17 ANC 9 vs. GA 2

Bailey O'Connor 3 G
John Veit 1 goal 1 assist
David Closterman 2 G 4 A
Kam Kittrels 1 A
Wil Vandegrift 2g
Andrew Lapenta 1g 1 assist

3/28/17 ANC 16 vs. Downingtown West 6

Bailey O'Connor 3G 3a
Joey Paterno 1g 2A
Drew Carr 1 assist
David Closterman 5g 2A
Ryan Carroll 2g
Hunter Jaronski 2g 2A
Wil Vandegrift 2g 3a
Andrew Lapenta 1g

Jv ANC 7 vs Dtown West 5

3/25/17 ANC 12 vs. Upper Dublin - 6

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