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Club Telegrams are one of our most unique events at ANC. Imagine this scene:

It's twilight on a Saturday evening in late fall. Seven dark shapes steal quickly across campus. As they approach the bright lights of Glenn Hall, whispering to one another, an uproar breaks out from within: “Phi Alpha! Phi Alpha! Phi Alpha!” These are the Phi Alpha telegrammers, arriving to deliver their singing telegrams to the DEKA girls.

A careful eye can spot three similar groups—one from each of the other campus clubs—stealthily approaching their destinations as well. They will all deliver their telegrams in turn until each club—Phi Alpha, DEKA, Alpha Kappa Mu, and Sigma Delta Pi—has sung their songs to each of their brother and sister clubs.

The telegrammers have been preparing for weeks—selecting songs, assigning a cappella parts, creating costumes, and practicing, practicing, practicing. And the moment they hear the resounding cheers and enthusiastic applause from their fellow students, they know it has been worth the effort.

Telegrams are a part of our history at ANC. Students deliver telegrams to one another, modern a cappella renditions of songs—sometimes a club will rewrite the words, or compose an original song, or they will dedicate a song to another club. This, like many moments at ANC, provides an opportunity for our students to shine while working together.

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