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The first line of defense for any student at ANC is their academic advisor. Academic advisors are assigned to students each year as a guide and mentor for their time here at ANC.

Students meet with their advisor during orientation to discuss academic goals and requirements and to map out an educational plan for the year.

During the school year, advisors play a key role in student success. Advisors are responsible for:

  • Monitoring Grades – Advisors receive a copy of advises grades. If a student is not meeting academic expectations, advisors help identify the challenges and recommend a course of action, whether that is a change in courses, regular sessions with student support services, or supervised study hall.
  • Monitoring Disciplinary Actions – Even minor offenses, such as an infraction of dress code, is reported to a student's advisor, and advisors will follow up with a student as necessary to prevent further problems.
  • Coordinating between Students, Parents, and Teachers – When a student's situation (emotional, social, or academic) requires special attention, advisors coordinate an unified approach between parents, teachers, and staff. For example, if a student were to lose a grandparent during the school year, their advisor might contact the student's teachers to ensure they were sensitive to the subject.

In the Boys School, advisors meet with their advisees each morning for homeroom. In the Girls School, students have homeroom with their class advisors, and meet one-on-one with their academic advisor each term.

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