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Here is the membership of the White Horse Chapter of the National Honor Society going into the 2014-2015 school year. Find out more about the selection and induction process

Caelen Allen Aubrey Asplundh Charlie Chen
Marley Asplundh Zach Brock Emily Cooper
Caroline Brock Hannah Dewees Ben Conroy
Julia Cooper Chelsea Duggan Christine Daum
Marie Daum Jamie Earle Caterina Fuller
Spencer Fields-Cowley Tykah Echols Annika Gyllenhaal
Rosemary Fuller* Angel Gerena Samantha Hill
Sarah Jackson Julia Gray Wyeth Kuhl
Ariel Martin Camille Green Emma Pitcairn
Shane McCurdy Brittany Gunther Dain Rohtla
Sarah Orchard Eden Halterman Teryn Rose
Isaac Radcliffe Jo Lee Clara Roth
Ashley Smith Carina Lindrooth Galen Stevenss-King
Erica Smith Brian McDonald Hayden Trautman
Natalie Smith Kaia Merrell Jimmy Wang
Jennie Sprinkle Susan Scappatura Westley Wedell
Liam Taylor Ziyue Su Brielle Williams
Ashley Walsh Chenxi Tang Eric Zhang
Cameron Weiss Weston Wadsworth* Jenny Zheng
Derek Weiss   Sophie Zhong
Maddy Wille    
* = co-presidents    

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