The White Horse Chapter of the National Honor Society 2015 Induction Procedure

With Spring comes the annual selection process for new members.  At the end of 2nd term a list of possible candidates will be notified and invited to submit the required paperwork for consideration.  There should be no mystery to this process, so if you are wondering how it all works, read on:

Membership in the White Horse Chapter of the National Honor Society is open to qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Selection as a member is a privilege, not a right.  While scholarship is an important component, qualities of leadership, character, and service are equally important.  The selection process begins soon after the end of second term.

The Registrar identifies those students who have a cumulative weighted average of 90 or above and at least 2160 quality points.  A list of these students is then sent to the joint faculty so that they may bring any concerns they might have to the chapter adviser.  Any such concerns are considered carefully and fairly.

The eligible candidates are then notified in writing and invited to submit a profile which includes an activity and leadership survey, and a processing fee of $10.00.  This processing fee covers the cost of membership materials; if a student is not selected after the profile is reviewed, the fee is promptly returned.

A Faculty Council will assess the profiles.  Students need to excel in the 4 areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character.  In addition, each candidate will be interviewed by the Faculty Council, as part of the character assessment.  Students can be prepared to answer questions reflecting their own qualities of character.

When everything has been reviewed and considered, the Faculty Council votes and the Principals review the list.  New members are formally selected and notified in writing or email.  If any candidates are not selected at this time, they will be notified in a sensitive manner and will be encouraged to develop the areas that need strengthening.  Underclassmen can maintain their academic excellence and could be eligible for consideration in the next year.  Any student may also choose not to complete the application process without prejudice for consideration the next year.  

Selected candidates do not become full members of the National Honor Society until they have been inducted in a brief ceremony and welcomed into membership by the chapter presidents and their principals.  (Sunday May 3, 2015 at 7:30pm, Benade Hall Auditorium.)


Any questions should be directed to the chapter Adviser, Mrs. Gwenda Cowley. 215-938-0619 Email:


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