Costa Rica: A Touch of the Tropics | June 6, 2012

In conjunction with EF Educational Tours, The ANC Science Department is sponsoring a 9 day exploration of the culture and natural beauty of this favorite tropical destination. The tour is designed for maximum fun and plenty of learning: under the leadership of Science Chair Kira Schadegg, students will enjoy an active, for-credit learning experience. The all-inclusive fee is $1782 – flights, hotels, 3 meals per day, departure fees, and more. Big Kids (Adults) are welcome too! For more information, visit, call or email Kira: 267 502 2542

Experiential Learning | Study Abroad

At ANC, our study abroad trips are more than just vacations or photo opportunities—they are on-site learning.

Every trip begins with a class, in which each student writes a research paper that relates to one of the locations they’ll be visiting. Then, at each stop along the tour, students present their research findings.

Delivering a presentation about ancient frescoes while standing on the streets of Pompeii, really solidifies the concept. Reviewing Newtonian physics from beneath an apple tree in Cambridge brings home the impact of gravity. Standing at the foot of the Colosseum, while listening to a report on the Roman emperor Titus makes the stories of gladiators hard to forget.

Our study abroad trips take students many places. On a science trip to England, students visited the Royal Observatory, saw the Prime Meridian, and took a tour from the personal friend of Watson and Crick. A history adventure to Italy took students to the Roman Forum, Michaelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel, and the Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi. In England, students visited the Globe Theater and the Charles Dickens Museum, then recited the prologue to the Canterbury Tales in front of Canterbury Cathedral.

But where our students travel and what they see is less important than what they take away. Every trip abroad gives our students a broader understanding of the subjects they study. After spending spring break in Italy, our students return to their Latin 1 and Ancient History classrooms markedly different—their understanding of the subjects is deeper, their attention clearer, and their memories of those lessons will last a lifetime.

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