Curriculum Guide | Graduation Requirements

Graduating from ANC requires fulfillment of three sets of requirements:

  1. Completion of requirements for a diploma.
  2. Fulfillment of residency requirements during a student's time at ANC.
  3. Accumulation of enough academic credits to meet minimum point requirements.
Residency Requirements
Residency Requirements
4 year students 12 terms of study at ANC
3 year students 9 terms of study at ANC
2 year students 6 terms of study at ANC
1 year students 3 terms of study at ANC

In order to receive a diploma from ANC, students must complete a certain number of terms of study at ANC.

Make-up credit counting toward an ANC diploma after senior year must be completed before the start of the following school year.

Diploma Requirements

The ANC Diploma program represents secondary school graduation, and will be granted upon the successful completion of the following four-year program:

The successful completion of four years (48 points) of English; three years (36 points) of History, Math, and Science; six points of physical Education a year; two points of Health per year (Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years); two points of Visual Art; and two points of Performance Art. While attending ANC, students must take and successfully complete Religion every year (6 points/year).

Students must earn full credit and no grade of record may be less than 60% in any of the required courses Senior year - Religion 4, English 4, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Senior Seminar, Physical Education (in the case of Physical Education, students must earn the equivalent of 6 points Senior year by participating in Physical Education courses and/or athletics).  Seniors have until the start of the following academic year to make up any missed credits by taking an approved course online or at another institution.

The minimum passing grade is 60. The program leading to this diploma may be inadequate for entrance consideration to many colleges. Please see Academic Guidance Paths for general requirements for various institutions of higher learning.  Academic and college counselling seeks to guide the student on the curricular path appropriate to their college and career ambitions.

In addition to the above semester and area requirements, students must meet the minimum total point requirement. Below is a summary for all four-year students. For one, two, and three-year students, point requirements will be prorated to reflect course work completed while attending the Academy. Please note that students must pass the required number of terms and points per discipline as well as earn an overall point requirement to graduate.

Credit Point Minimums
Academic Area Years Credit Points Note
Religion 1-4 6/year  
English 4 48  
Social Studies 3 36  
Science 3 36  
Math 3 36  
World Language N/A 0  
Physical Education 1-4 6/year Students are required to take 6 credits (2/marking period) each year they are at ANC. For each sport that a student participates in they can have 2 Physical Education credits waived. Students may participate in Dance Team all year, but only one marking period may be substituted for PE.
Health 1-3 2/year Required to take 2 credits freshman, sophomore and junior year
Visual Art   2 Required to take 2 credits
Performance Art   2 Required to take 2 credits
Electives   Varies To graduate a student must earn a total of 276 credits. The difference between the number of required credits that a students takes and 276 is made up by taking elective courses. Depending on the type of waiver, credits may be subtracted from 276. Example: A student plays basketball once in their time at ANC. This allows the student to have 2 Physical Education credits waived so they only need 274 points to graduate.

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