Curriculum Guide | Grading, Averages and Honors

At ANC our grading policy is strict. We hold our teachers accountable for assigning fair and unbiased grades to all of our students.

Letter GradeNumerical GradeScore on a 4 Point Scale
           A 93–100 4.00
           A - 90–92 3.67
           B + 87–89 3.33
           B 83–86 3.00
           B - 80–82 2.67
           C + 77–79 2.33
           C 73–76 2.00
           C - 70–72 1.67
           D + 67–69 1.33
           D 63–66 1.00
           D - 60–62 0.67
           F Below 60 0.00

In order to remain enrolled at ANC or to advance to the grade above, a student whose diploma is in jeopardy may be required to take a summer program of studies at an approved school. If this program is successfully completed, the faculty may approve credit. Credits earned at other schools may apply to the appropriate academic area quota and total points quota, but shall not be used for computing total GPA or quality points as reported on the student's ANC transcript.

The grades for each marking period are considered grades of record. These grades are reported to parents and entered on the student's permanent record. A "W" indicates that the teacher is withholding a grade. An "I" indicates that the student's work is incomplete. An "NG" indicates that the student receives credit but no grade. Once a grade is recorded it is not subject to change unless a mistake in calculating the grade has occurred.  A grade of 60 or above is passing. A grade below 60 is failing and receives zero credit, regardless of whether an accelerated or honors designation would increase the average.

Weighted Average

At ANC we offer a wide variety of courses at different levels of difficulty. Accordingly, accelerated and honors courses affect a student's weighted average differently than regular courses.

A student's weighted average is calculated by adding the appropriate number of difficulty points to each grade and then multiplying each grade by the course's earned credit value, and then dividing that total by the student's total credits. For example, if a student takes six courses each rated as regular difficulty and worth 4 points and earns the following grades (83, 97, 91, 76, 85, 88), their weighted average would be: [(83 x 4) + (97 x 4) + (91 x 4) + (76 x 4) + (85 x 4) + (88 x 4)]/24 or 86.67.

Grades are weighted differently depending on the difficulty of a course. For regular courses ("College Prep"), no points are added to the weighted average grade. For accelerated courses, 3 points are added to the weighted average grade. For honors courses, 7 points are added to the weighted average grade. The maximum base grade recorded is 99, but a weighted average could be 100 or higher.

A student's weighted average is included on their transcript.

Quality Points

For each course that assigns graded credit, quality points are determined by adding the appropriate difficulty points to the final grade and multiplying this sum by the number of credits earned for the class. The products for all courses are added to give the total number of Quality Points for the marking period. Un-graded credit is assigned no quality points. Example: a student with a grade of 85 in a 4-point regular Chemistry course earns 85 x 4 = 340 quality points for that marking period. An 85 in the Honors Chemistry course earns (85 + 7) x 4 = 368 quality points.

Academic Honors List

To make the Academic Honors List a student must compile 2160 or more quality points per marking period, representing a weighted average of 90% in all academic classes.

A student who compiles at least 2088 but less than 2160 quality points earns honorable mention on the Academic Honors List representing a weighted average of 87 in all academic classes.

Graduating With Honors

Class rank and graduating with honors are based on a the average number of quality points accumulated per marking period in junior and senior years. Quality points are assigned at the end of each marking period according to the grade earned and the difficulty category of the course taken.  To graduate with honors a student must average 2160 or more quality points per term in their junior and senior years.

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